Sunday, February 04, 2007


29: Facilitation Tips From E. He's so much better at making presentation visuals than I am.

30: How I Love The Fog. Just having it billow over me makes me so happy.
30: Some Days Are Busier Than Others. Taking over intake for H and C-H.

My girls so far. We did the Draw A PIG activity. Blurred the photo for their anonymity.

34: Survival of the Fittest. The water has been shut off at the house, so we are carting plastic jugs over from the apartment to water the plants. Luckily most of them are drought tolerant, but still, it ain't pretty back there.

35: Sunday Morning Brunch. Yes, I skipped a couple days. I'm tired. I'm not always in the mood or have the time to hunt out interesting photos. But still we keep on swimming in this world.

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Jenny said...

I like your photos! I don't think I can meet your challenge, but it reminds me how I love photographing daily life, particularly laundry.