Monday, January 29, 2007

28: The Happy Result of A Little Serendipity, also known as You Be The Judge

Today I bring you a number of variations on the same shot. Oh, nature.

28: The Happy Result of A Little Serendipity. Just happened to be walking down the road when I noticed this tree with the pretty purple flowers. Out came the camera, just as the cell phone rang. So as I'm talking to dad I'm also snapping off shots of this pretty scene, and a little bee comes out of nowhere and starts zooming around. Undeterred, I continue my one-handed-photography-while-brain-simultaneously-controls-mouth-and-attempts-coherent-thoughts. And this, my friends, is the happy result of that bit of serendipity.

Again I had too much fun with tinkering with the photos. May I present 3 more versions of this shot, all cropped and edited in various ways [by the by, the above version was edited as well. Never one to let well enough alone]:

Let me know which one you like best! Sometimes I think I might just get too fancy and simpler is better. If I had a super duper camera then I could do this focus/blur thing a whole lot better, but I think I have to wait at least a year to scratch together some money and hope that prices come down somewhat [a lot], as commodities tend to do as their appeal catches on and they get further away from their initial entry into the market.

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