Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Handstitched Undergarments

In the last four months or so, I’ve stitched up a number of undergarments.

Leggings, using this tutorial that Ali swears by.  I can see why she’s made up four pairs of leggings from this pattern.  The drafting is straightforward but fun, and the pattern is easily customizable to include a calf measurement should your calves be wider than your knees, as mine are.  Other great things about these leggings: cuddly soft bamboo, and no more uncomfortable waistbands digging into my sides!  I’ve already got two more pairs cut out, which should tell you something.

Tap pants, using this 1930s pattern.  These are scrumptuously decadent, frivolous, luxurious, and impractical – when I wear them over in lieu of a half slip, I have to undo four pairs of snaps every time I go to the bathroom.  And yet, in the last 2 winters I have yet to wear my half slip once, whereas the instant I finished these up I wore them three times in a single week.  That’s sayin’ something.  Also, at a mere half yard of silk charmeuse, they’re a lovely way to slip a little treat into your daily life.

I’ve also been playing with Ohhh Lulu’s underwear patterns.  This is the Lola pattern, which I love in theory.  I especially love the look of stretch lace in the back.  However, this pattern needs a backside that is smaller and perkier than mine is, and as it has been 15 years since my tush was that small or perky, I will be retiring this pattern.

One reason I started sewing underwear was that I felt guilty about all my jersey scraps.  At least with wovens I can delude myself into thinking that one day I’ll use my extras as facings, pockets, linings, or in a quilt.  Underwear makes good use of those itty bitty leftovers – and since the Grace panties only use jersey for the side panels, I can use up ever smaller bits and bobs.  Sweet!  Also, this pattern uses not just jerseys scraps but woven scraps as well.  These are so much fun to make up.  I’ve seen a number of elegant versions online, but I happen to be partial to color explosions.  I admit I wouldn’t wear these day in and day out; the woven sections, though cut on the bias, doesn’t quite feel the same as pure jersey.  Still, once or twice a week they’re fun to reach for.  There will definitely be more of these.


Minnado said...

I followed the link and saw its a Cal Patch pattern for the leggings ...I like her designs and am I soured to try them. I love those last pants or knickers. I think I recognise the floral panel in the front pair! WhY pattern were you using? Xx

Roobeedoo said...

I desperately need to follow your example. My last batch of knickers have all subsided into a droopy baggy decline due to inferior elastic. It's just as well I wear tights to hold up the underlings!
That Ohlulu pattern looks interesting and your description of the fit sounds ideal!
The silk ones are glorious!

jessica said...

Thanks Roo ~ in truth, my underwear drawer is looking a bit sad and droopy as well, so it's been a double bonus to use up scraps and replace garments that, um, really should've been replaced awhile ago :-P.

Debbie ~ yes! That fabric should indeed look familiar ;-). I had a little piece leftover after making up the dress, and it matched my red knit perfectly! I might even have enough for another pair ... they're OhhhLulu's Grace pattern, quite fun!