Monday, December 24, 2012

For Boston with love (3 hats)

So I finally finished up those fluorescent UFOs.  Who can stop at just one Toorie?
I call these ... Cotton Candy #1 and #2 (Fiber #56 and 57)

Behold, my friends of the "matching but not, the brighter pink the better" fame.  I think we're pretty stylin' myself.  The waitress in the restaurant did a double take.  I think she was serious about her request to commission one for herself, except the next time I'll be back in Boston, there probably won't be any snow on the ground!

While there, I also saw my good friend John.  The last hat I knit him was a bit itchy, so I used some of the fabulous Manos that Sigrid sent me to stitch him up a Fortnight hat (by Jared Flood).  Soft, soft, soft.

I think the color's just the thing for a dreary Boston winter morning.  Three hats for three of my best friends in Boston!  (in the whole world, actually)  It was a bit of a bittersweet visit, as this may be one of the last times that I can visit Boston and see so many of my best friends in the same location, as they all will be leaving in the next year or so.  Grad school was tough, but it was a very special time and place in my life, and I owe these 3 greatly for getting me through some of the toughest times of my life.  But the upside of that is, that we came away from the time with some of the deepest bonds imagineable.  When I first went to Harvard, I had no idea that I'd find such incredible friends.

To friendship!  To woolly warmth!  To bright colors in winter!


Alessa said...

Those pics (and hats) are pretty damn awesome!

Thanks for being you, btw.
I really enjoy reading about your life.

Roobeedoo said...

Pompom-tastic! And as for good-friend-John... he's a male model, right? ;)
Happy New Year when it arrives!