Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skirt #30 // Limoncello

Totally inspired by Scruffy Badger, right down to the choice of bright, solid linen, lined to cut down on the wrinkle factor (you're seeing it after a day at work, the wrinkles are manageable!)  And, I'm tickled to see that Alessa has had the exact same skirt on her brain!

Skirt #30 // Limoncello
Pattern: Simplicity 2451
Fabric: 3/4 yard linen from Joann's, quilting cotton scraps for facings, cotton voile lining
Mods: made this 18" long, which I thought was sufficient but it's a bit scandalous when I sit.  So I try to keep my legs under my desk at work in this one!  However, most reasonable people manage to wear shorter skirts in to work ... I must be doing something wrong?  Maybe I'm just overly self conscious.

Gave myself an inch and a half of hip ease.  I think this needs to be shortened at hip, if you look very carefully it bunches at the pockets.

How I styled it for work on a Casual Friday (we've been having impossibly unseasonable weather).  Bright + bright, neutral + neutral!

Supposedly, 2" above the knee is a flattering length for petite ladies, but I'm not sold on that theory.   How's about we stop tinkering with patterns and just make them up in the length their supposed to be, honey?  Toying with the idea of changing the pleats into inverted box pleats and making a modified Kelly skirt look-alike with the pattern?  Easy there, girl, maybe in the spring ...


Minnado said...

Such a simple and cute skirt. I love the colour. x

Roobeedoo said...

Yay! A mustard skirt! Very cute!
And I agree about sitting down at work - how do other people manage? Like that girl down the corridor who wears teeny tiny dresses - does she just stand up all day?

velosewer said...

I love this skirt on you. I still keep my skirts just above the knee - and that's as high as they go for this petite one:)