Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scenes from a weekend in Baltimore

Last week I had a conference in Washington DC, so I took a half day Friday and spent the weekend in Baltimore with some friends.

Cherry blossoms were out.

Checking out constellations with Google's app thingie.

Watching a friend perform at the cafe that his friends open up to the community three times a week. He played us some pieces he composed, before just freeform improvising for awhile.

An evening walk. I had napped that afternoon and my friends meandered along this very same trail, and when I joined them a second time around, I kept making the exact same comments that they'd already made, some 3 hours earlier. The funniest part of it? They'd only met that weekend. They hit it off so well ... I just sat back and watched them at points.

Quirky cafes, as evidenced by their bathroom decor. Love! My kinda city.

I took a break from crafting for about 3 weeks. Didn't pick up a single needle, sewing or knitting or otherwise. I've got too many projects that are ~70%-98% done and none of it appealing to complete. I was reading a NYTimes article the other day about habits, about how they start with a signal and end with a reward, and it hit me that my current projects all make me feel "meh" so I don't feel like completing them because there's no reward associated with a job well done, so they just linger there and I feel zero motivation whatsoever. But it's OK. I've been writing a bit, and that's something. And this weekend I did finally pick up the knitting needles again. That's something, too.


Sigrid said...

I think part of the process of being creative is to not do things sometimes.

Minnado said...

Baltimore looks good. I like it when two friends of mine meet and get on...kind of a good feeling. I think breaks from crafting are good - especially if you feel meh about the project! x

Alessa said...

Yay for cherry blossoms, good company and quirky caf├ęs! :)