Thursday, February 09, 2012

My next sewing project

I think I mentioned before that my sewing inspiration is driven by details? Details and fabric. I would like to try making more dresses this year, and this project is the happy amalgamation of four bits of inspiration that have been floating around my brain for some time.

(Orla Kiely dress Winter 2011/2012 collection; Sunni's incomparable dress; a crinkly textured masculine plaid that I found in the sale section at Stonemountain & Daughter's; and what I believe to be an Isaac Mizrahi dress that I found off the Dress A Day website possibly circa 2007?)

Basically, Sunni's standing collar + the gigantic sleeve bows + Orla Kiely's shirtdress top with boxpleat skirt + masculine plaid = my next project. I've had it 90% cut out for a week and a half but was stalled on the actual stitching. We'll see how long this takes me. Long, I'm guessing. It's a frankenpattern/guessing at dimensions project with lots of detailing, and we know how I like to plod through my details! In my brain though, it's really going to work. Fingers crossed.


Minnado said...

It is going to look good! Love the inspiration pieces, look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Alessa said...

Fun! I also love Sunni's dress (have you seen the green version?) and those sleeve bows are fantastic!

sigrid said...

I love this inspiration board and it sounds like your virtual sewing project is humming right along.