Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Year in Review

Hm ... looks like I did one of these in April. Let's see if I learned any lessons from that round, shall we?

Hits of 2011 ... garments I like the most, garments that have received the most comments, garments that are the most "me" for whatever reason.



Whimsical, quirky, bright, cheerful. I like garments, artwork, housewares, accessories, decorations that have personality and spunk, and more and more I have started making clothing that fits that description, too. I like this. I hope to continue this trend in 2012. Take my time and make it my own. If I'm going to take the time to make it, I might as well make it really, really me ... and since quirky and details are where I'm at, I should take the time to invest in that 20/80 rule (where that last 20% that takes it from handmade to Heck Yeah I Handmade That! takes 80% of the effort).

Misses of 2011 ... all have been donated to Goodwill.

2011 has been a year of dresses for me, but sadly not of successfully handmade dresses. The two brown dresses were "meh" on fit so I never really wore them. The green dress I adore, but I accidentally put it in the dryer and it shrank and sadly had to be donated as well. There's something about getting dresses to hang right, figuring out where waistlines should fall, that I haven't mastered. Something to work on in 2012?

Most worn:

I said it back in April and I'll say it again --- daym, there is something amazingly cozy about the combination of silk/mohair and wool knit up on big needles! I love lounging around in these sweaters (or trying to hustle them into a business casual environment). Probably won't make anything with this same yarn combination this year (too busy loving these sweaters and working on stuff in tiny gauges), but maybe next year.

Unexpectedly durable:

For how ambivalent I feel about the fit of this blouse, I've worn it surprisingly often. The bright color and 2 rows of beautiful lace are what keep me reaching for it. It's a combination of masculine and feminine, vintage-inspired quirky that works in a modern workplace. When I'm in a rush to get dressed for work, this blouse is a no-brainer for me to look and feel myself yet appear "acceptable" to the rest of my colleagues.

Biggest lesson:

I thrift a lot of stuff. Including a lot of stuff with refashion potential. I really like this skirt but had very little to pair it with, hence gifting it to my roommate (who said these were her favorite colors). More and more, I'm realizing how "time" is my limited resource when it comes to crafting (time and eyesight), and that I need to be very judicious about which projects I choose to tackle. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" is something I've often said about academic and career choices, but I've been applying this more and more to crafting as well.

Here's to a good 2012 for all of you out there! Thanks for taking the time to drop by, read or comment, and for being the amazing, beautiful people that you are! This community has helped me stay true to myself and become the person I am today. You all are creative, inspiring people who rock!


Violet said...

I love that sweater in the first photo. If I were to look back at my last year or two of knitting I would definitely want to do successfully complete a cardigan. I have tried about half a dozen times and have yet made a cardigan that actually looks nice on me.

Roobeedoo said...

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" You hit the nail on the head! That should be emblazoned on my forehead in flashing lights and then I might heed the wise advice!
I spend hours of stuff I don't really really "love" and then wonder why I feel deflated at the end.
Happy 2012 my dear - keep on crafting and showing us your makes, even the "mehs", cos we all can learn from each other! :)

Sigrid said...

Thanks for the inspiration to be true to oneself in building a wardrobe. I agree with both your thoughts that if you are going to sew for yourself, you might as well spend that extra 20% and make it really you-- while at the same time making sure that the effort is really something you want to wear. This is a hard line to walk sometimes, and I always enjoy seeing how you do it! Happy New Year!

Alessa said...

:) Your sweaters are amazing. I really like your sometimes funky style, so keep doing that! Life's too short to wear boring clothes. ;) Happy Stitching in 2012!

Ali said...

Happy new year, amiga!! Great makes in 2011, your sweaters so inspiring and your handsewn garments with personality and spunk, as you say :) I will not be a thrift enabler this year. Promise ;)

Minnado said...

Great handknits. I have so enjoyed seeing all your makes and reading your posts. It is good to see the meh ones as well as the ones you like. Still loving the anthro cardigan refashion and the specs dress. Here's to more in 2012!x