Monday, October 10, 2011

A plan for October

Well, it's certainly been like **crickets** around here, hasn't it? I've been on a little internet diet of late - trying not to switch on my computer at night - which has felt great but has had the unintended side effect of dampening down on the blogging front.

My original plan for October involved this stack of fabrics:

I rarely sew full outfits, but for once was hit by a wave of inspiration to stitch up something that would all go together. After I pulled this stack out, though, and mulled it over, I realized that the reason I never wear pale gray blouses is that they wash me out terribly. Especially in winter. And since this would have layered under a sweater and involved so many ruffles that nothing could possibly layer under it, I've had to stick the gray back into the stash to let it mull over what it would like to transform itself into (it currently lives as a very large Mens button-down).

The sweater refashion and murky-lavender-not-quite-gray-skirt-in-eyelet are still in the works for Fall, though. We'll just have to see if they make it for October.

Speaking of the FO graveyard, I've really been trying to cut back on those projects that give off hints of "meh" before I get too far into them. Life's too short!


poet said...

Oh, that's too sad - the fabrics look great together!

Roobeedoo said...

Those textures and colours look great together! Looking forward to seeing the outcome of all your mulling!

Anonymous said...
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Alessa said...

I'm totally in love with the grey eyelet! So beautiful! And it would definitely go well with the mustard sweater. I'm glad you're keeping the two of them. :)