Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello all! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kind words regarding my latest FO - it was a lot of fun to put together, though admittedly as I was fiddling with the piping (which added extra time) I kept wondering, "is this REALLY worth it?" Well, your comments assured me that it is!

Couple logistics regarding Challenge: Ridiculous.

1) Let's keep this running until September 1, say? That seems like a nice 'finish up summer' deadline for ourselves (cough, Jessica, cough, additional Ridiculous projects beckon!)

2) Any projects you would like to count as "Ridiculous" to be considered for a prize, please add your photos to the Flickr group. I think I will consider each FO as a separate entry ... but if you made something as a set (say, coordinating outfits ahem Ali) I'll consider the entire batch as two entries to account for the additional effort/time involved (does that make sense?)

3) As mentioned earlier, if there are less than 4 people who add photos to the Flickr group then I will just mail you all a prize (I'm knitting up some stuff for winners too). If there are more than 4 people, then I will put your entries into a random number generator doodad and go from there.

4) Disclosure: I am planning to showcase all Ridiculous projects in a Ridiculous Post, so please know that I will use your photo from the Flickr group for that post. If you have objections let me know via comment on this post and we will work something out ;-). But, free exposure and praise for you!

Any other questions? Bung them my way! If not ... continue to get your Ridiculous on, I've looooooooved the projects that have popped up so far!

Man, where have I been, right? Got slain by another illness for a good week and a half right as I was moving/unpacking into this new place, and then my brother has been in town so I've been spending some quality time with him. I know I don't mention him too often on this blog, but he truly is one of my closest friends and so whenever we're in the same town (first I was in China ... then he went to China ... then he went to LA ... then I went to the East Coast ... then he went to the East Coast) I love bugging the heck out of him. Hey Michael, let's hang out! Hey Michael, listen to me rant! Hey Michael, let's stay up overly late talking about the meaning of life! Hey Michael, want to drive me to the craft store?


So the other day I was looking down at my messy room and I noticed the stack of blues up above. It's a bit ironic. I had a blue phase back in middle school where all I wore was blue, white, gray and black (ah, preadolescent insecurity) ... and since then it seems I've spent the past decade and a half rounding out my wardrobe to encompass the full rainbow, yet in hues that mix-and-match well and are colors I adore. Recently, though, it seems I've been on a blue kick once again, making and thrifting and buying items that fall along that spectrum of blue plus white/gray/black. Full circle? Spirals?

Whenever I'm haunting Ravelry, I always love looking at the project pages Ravelers who clearly knit from a palette. It's like a portfolio that is cohesive, balanced, and beautiful. Oh, those jewel-toned purples and blues! Those muted reds and purples and mustards and grays! The pastel pinks and purples! The fall reds and oranges and browns! My own Ravelry page is a bit all over the place, uncohesive, but I think it works well with my general clothing philosophy that slants towards maximization of mix-and-match potential, including unexpected color combinations and the desire not to repeat the same combination (too many times). No seriously, that's one of my criteria for getting dressed in the morning!

I know some of you like to sew/dress from a palette, finding it easier to feel put together (or just to be able to wear your favorite colors!) I hate to admit it but I used to feel almost anti-palette (for abovementioned mix-and-match reasons), but lately find myself clearly doing the blue-muted palette thing. One blogger I admire who can do both the "sew/dress from a palette" and "sew/dress across the rainbow" is Tilly. She clearly has an eye for matching color and print to pattern! I feel like its natural to float between extremes - growing comfortable in one end, then yearning for a change and stretching in a different direction - although most people have a natural tendency towards one or the other ...


Antoinette said...

Don't know why, but nearly every winter I pile on the black. Come spring, I'm like a rainbow. You can see this often with the clothes I sew. This year I'm stretching for autumn / winter and thinking about some /navy/. Big, ridiculous stuff up in here. ;)

Sigrid said...

I notice that I am currently drawn to indigo blue. I bought a bunch of patterns and then noticed most of them had illustrations that features deep blues. Sometimes I wonder if there is some collective unconscious movement in color preference.

I am working on another ridiculous project, in fact, it may be just plain silly. I think Fall may find me in a more sober (sartorially speaking) frame of mind, so I think Sept. 1 is a good cut off.

Enjoy our brother, and get better. We can wait.

Minnado said...

I thought I didn't wear blue till I checked my wardrobe and have to admit I have sewed two blue dresses, one blue skirt. All three of them are clothes I love to wear. Like Sigrid I am drawn to indigo blue. This autumn I am thinking grey and rust...but probably will get sidetracked. Have a great time with your brother. x

Alessa said...

Hehe, I don't think that the colors I sew could be called a palette. But the colors I wear are predominantly blue in all shades and black, with the occasional red, green or coral color splash, so I guess that's mostly what I sew, too. I do know that I get the urge to sew more light colors in spring and early summer...

I really like your blues... :)