Thursday, March 10, 2011

MMM 7-10

I have some finished knitting (ah, when was the last time I sewed anything???) to photograph and show, hopefully this weekend, but in the meantime ... more outfitting!

Day 7.

Refashioned/handmade skirt, sweater and hair piece (what do we call this, an oversized barrette?) You probably can't tell but those are yellow tights that I'm wearing. They make my legs look a bit ... fluorescent ... ill-like ... especially since I am yellow skinned, but I am crushing on the yellow hard enough to not mind.

Day 8.

Very professional, Jessica. Handmade cardigan, refashioned fingerless gloves. Can you believe that lavendar tee dates back to 1998? I still remember being in freshman math and staring at the other Jessica in class as she wore the exact same tee and thinking, "Man, she wears it so much better than I do!" If only 14-year old Jessica could see me now!

Day 9.

Handmade skirt. Both blouses are thrifted. With brown boots.

Day 10.

Handmade skirt and scarflet. Sweater and blouse thrifted. Favorite argyle tights. I swear, argyle tights in fun colors are one easy, easy way to brighten up an outfit! You can't tell in this photo but those argyles are red and rose. Normally I wouldn't think of red and pink as coordinating well, but they really work in these tights. One might admit to building the entire outfit around them and the scarflet.

I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but so far I've found it pretty effortless to work in at least 2 outfits with 2+ handmade/refashioned goodies each week!


Roobeedoo said...

Love your outfits! The refashioned skirt with red buttons is so wonderfully Love Story-ish to my eye - I want you to wear it with a long long stripey scarf and wedges!

Minnado said...

I too love the outfits. The red buttons on the skirt are a lovely touch. Love the refashioned stripey gloves. Argyle pattern tights - I like the sound of those.

Ali said...

great outfits! jealous of your yellow tights, something about the promise of spring that gets me all ga-ga over yellow!

I keep hearing about Love Story (as Roobeedoo mentioned) and I've yet to watch it, maybe that'll be my treat to myself once i finish this endless dress I'm working on ...

Zonnah said...

My favorite is day 8.