Monday, March 14, 2011

MMM 11-13; Aidez

Day 11.

Handmade/refashioned sweater; thrifted/altered pants.

Day 12.

Handmade cowl. Hey there knitters -- I invented this one on the fly and am curious what others think of the pattern ... so if you like the cowl and want to knit one up and give me some feedback, just leave a comment or send me an email! Love to hear what you think =). I was looking for something drapey, with a fun stitch for visual interest, that wouldn't take up too much yarn and yet still be warm and cozy. I also imagined up a second iteration of it and would be curious for your thoughts.

Day 13.

Handmade sweater. You can't see it here, but I also straightened out my flaired jeans with a quick 10 minute refashion -- sweet!

Ah yes, so here is my latest finished handknit, the free Aidez pattern knit up in Cascade Eco stranded with Kidsilk Haze on size 9 needles. Wow was this an addictive sweater to knit! The various patterns were really easy to memorize and made it so interesting to knit up, and the large needles meant that I was just zooming along. I also knit both cardigan sides and both sleeves at the same time, and knit everything flat because I've discovered I don't like DPNs (or even magical loop or whatever its called). I'd rather seam -- knitting blasphemy!

I mean, isn't it unusual?

Somebody on Ravelry described it as "like wearing a blanket" and that is so, so true. Super warm and cuddly, it also has hangs like a blanket, which is not exactly my style but oddly it's growing on me, or maybe it's just the sweater. Four years into crafting and two point five years into making myself clothing, I love how I still get my moments of "Oh, this sweater has no waist shaping whatsoever ... lalala five weeks later ... hey wait a minute, why does this hang like a blanket? Oh. Right." But I think it rounds out my "lounging handmades" quite nicely, so that qualifies as "wardrobe gap."

Oh, and I think I'm officially converted to aran sweaters.

Friday night I was chatting with a friend from grad school about the catastrophe in Japan, and she mentioned that my grad school roommate had updated her Facebook status to indicate that she was OK, but that the tone of the update had been a bit panicked. Since I hadn't learned about the earthquake and tsunami until I got to work on Friday (where Gmail and Facebook are both blocked) and thus had no update on friends Japan, I hurriedly clicked over to Facebook and saw that my ex-boyfriend had updated as well with one word. "Alive."

Typical T terseness. His status was "liked" by many of our former classmates. Anyways, I've since had emails from both of them that they and their families survived, although much damage has been done. Terribly saddened by this course of events, and hoping that Hana is able to be with her family soon, and that T hears from his friends soon.


poet said...

Is that a moebius cowl? Looks great!

I was also late hearing about the disaster in Japan; I don't have any loved ones there so I'm just generally sad and anxious for those affected...

Antoinette said...

Aran knits are so pretty. Haven't been keeping up with blogs too much the last couple of months and I can see I'll need some time to catch up with yours. :) Glad you have gotten hopeful updates from those you know in Japan.

Alexandra Mason said...

Love your outfits! So glad you have heard from your friends, my heart goes out to everyone affected.

Violet said...

yeah it's terrible what's going on in Japan. Just one of those things is bad enough, but to have three serial catastrophes just sound awful.I've been trying to knit a cowl in the round but keep making it too big or too small...

Zonnah said...

The cowl looks really good on you and there is nothing wrong with seams :)

I am glad all your friends are safe, such a sad event.

Sigrid said...

Glad to hear your friends are safe. The situation in Japan is so heartrending, it's hard to imagine the enormity of it all.

Your sweaters are starting to make me jealous. The cowl looks nice too. How about another shot with a detail of the stitch?

瑛翹 said...

love the cardigan!

Ali said...

Lovely Sweater! I also always have room in my closet for lounging wear: )

Glad to hear ur japan connections are ok, it was quite a scare Friday. Xxx