Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warm Things for the Neck, part 2

Whew! This weekend sort of got away from me. I meant to post on Saturday ... and then ran out of sunlight for taking photos. Then I meant to post Sunday ... and wound up taking longer than expected to drop off some stuff in my new apartment in San Francisco. And then on Monday and Tuesday night I was crashing with a friend and didn't get a chance to upload photos. But finally! Here I am.

One of those ever-popular infinity scarves. I was equally inspired by Ali and Wardrobe Refashion - I can't find the link to the exact post, but I'd seen a couple people cut up wool slacks to make scarves, and when I spotted this really great pair of wide-legged wool pants at my local thrift shop, I jumped on the opportunity to marry my inspiration sources. I know I've blogged about the great offerings at my local thrift shop before, but wow. This was a pair of lined wool suiting slacks, really nice quality wool suiting, that looked like they had never been worn. Holy crap! And they even almost fit me. That would've been doubly exciting.

This is about 55" long and a little over 8" wide. I lined it with a quilting cotton that vaguely reminds me of a reproduction fabric. I love the contrast between the formality and masculinity of the wool suiting, paired with the graphic florals and bold colors of the lining. It's pretty lightweight but warm, and I have a whole leg left! Perhaps a second infinity scarf.

And then ... I went and did more knitting. (And even more knitting, show you next time) Remember this shrug? Well, this is actually the same pattern, but transposed onto a scarf and knit up with laceweight yarn on size 5 needles.

It's a pretty simple cascading pattern. But pretty! And I love this yarn. It's amazing stuff. I'll try to look up the yarn tag when I get back to my parent's place and post it up on Ravelry, if you're curious, but man ... I gotta use this again in the future. And the color. Gotta use it again in the future. See, this is what happens when you engage in non-selfish crafting. You wind up making double of everything.


Sigrid said...

Doubles are always good. (I often make at least two of every thing that I really like.) The infinity loop/pant leg thing is great.

Ritapizza said...

Oh you're so clever! knitting a beautiful scarf using the same pattern as the shrug! it's beautiful and you're looking lovelier each day! the yarn is malabrigo silky merino! we must do another knit along! ^___________^ love the infinity scarf too! brilliant! miss you lots, love~ <3

Minnado said...

The infinity scarf is great, such a clever idea to use the tweed. I am thinking it could be quite formal or casual. I never would have thought of using trousers. I like the scarf, beautiful pattern and colour too. An what's this? New Apartment?? Congratulations on the new home :)

Zonnah said...

You are so talented :) They are both beautiful!

Ali said...

I would have never thought to use pants, but it's brilliant (and lovely).

Are you all moved in yet? Up for a Saturday or Sunday drooling at pretty fabric-a-thon?