Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Warm Things for the Neck, part 1

The other day I was commenting to Minnado that, like her, I have found these scarflets to be the perfect gift knitting pattern. OK, I think we used slightly different patterns, but the effect is essentially the same! Warm, fun, cute, stylish, work-appropriate [sigh, everything passes through that filter these days], colorful, fast to knit up ... really, it's perfect. I love both of these colors so much, it's making them hard to give away. I've already caved and kept the red one for myself, but the blue MUST go to my friend who already commented that she loved the color ... hold me to that, blog! Have a couple more that have come off the needles, but I think you get the general idea.

Pattern: Anthro-inspired scarflet (free Ravelry pattern)

So ... I hike about 3/4 of a mile uphill to work each day. And I have a choice: I could start off at the bottom of the hill, slightly chilly, and be completely overheated by the time I get in to work ... OR, I could start off at the bottom of the hill, freezing my arse off, and be just. about. right. by the time I get in to work.

I opted for the latter. Hence the "need" to make this scarf. Because the plan only works if I have a gigantic scarf, hat, and gloves to supplement the meager warmth offered by my denim jacket.

For this scarf I stranded 2 yarns together: one super bulky, fluffy, and marled gray and brown and cream; the other, a pretty blue and white self-striping sock yarn. Then I did a classic seed stitch on size 15 needles until the yarn ran out. My inspiration for the color scheme was this Free People cardigan:

It was suuuuuuuuuper cute. But it was also made with a suuuuuuuuuuuper crappy acrylic/wool blend that was pilling in the store, and that buckle detail I love? Suuuuuuper crappy pleather that was peeling in the store. Oh, crafting, what a quality snob you've made me! I just couldn't settle for something so cute that was so crappily made. But like any good DIY'er, I found a way to capture the essence and make it my own. With my own hands.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Warm Things for the Neck series!


Amy said...

So, Jessica, the second scarf (the one you're wearing)--is it a *scarf* or a cowl thingy? Either way, it's lovely and cozy looking, and size 15 needles makes it sound appealingly bulky and fast to knit (even in seed stitch)! I've been contemplating a bulky cowl. (Because I really need another unfinished knitting project. Naturally.)

Minnado said...

Your little scarves look lovely and yes I agree it is a slightly different pattern to mine but the same general principal. I like the big scarf you are wearing, looks fab on you. I am looking forward to seeing the next neck warmers :)

Zonnah said...

You are getting a good workout! I love that scarf very cool.

jessica said...

Amy -- sorry for the confusion! It's a long scarf that I wrapped loosely around my neck twice and then fastened with a couple pins. I did think about making it into one of those infinity-scarf cowl things, but my mom convinced me this would be more versatile.

It was quite the appealingly fast knitting project, if I can tempt you into another unfinished knitting project :).

Amy said...

Oh, honey, sadly, I can always be tempted into another unfinished knitting project. Actually though, this is the sort of straightforward and speedy thing I'd probably actually finish. I mean, if you can't finish a scarf on size 15 needles, what *can* you finish, am I right? ;-)

EddieDuckling said...

I love the mini scarfs. I made one of them for myself last year just as a little extra thing.

Zoe said...

Those little scarlets are the cutest things ever! WISH I could knit! You are a genius, they look lovely. You should definately make yourself some if they are as easy to make as you say xxx

ReLove Projects said...

I love the buckles on the sweater! Very inspiring!