Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fiber #15 // Navy Drapiness

Back when I first started reading crafting blogs, I stumbled upon a post from the Angry Chicken archives where Amy talks about wearing the same handmade clothes, over and over again. Because I myself had not yet started making clothes, I thought that was strange but in a "hm, maybe I just haven't experienced it yet, no judgments" kind of way. And after this spring/summer of making blouses and dresses, um, hello. I so get it now.

Here's another blouse to add to my list. Between the two dresses and four blouses, I pretty much don't wear much else [fast laundry turnover is the key!].

This is my take on Petrie, a free pattern from Knitty. I wanted something super classic that would last for years and go with just about every summer skirt I've ever made, so I went for navy, sprung for some linen yarn that knitted up on size 3 needles, and made heavy modifications to the pattern to compensate for different gauge. As in, half chucked the pattern out the window. You can read all my mods on my Ravelry page, but the short version is that I used my newfound knowledge of darts on blouses to knit up customized body shaping, and made the cowl neck less floppy.

Maybe you can see what I mean about knitted darts and shaping.

Anyways, WOW do I so get the fuss about knitting with linen. The "this stuff feels like twine!" fuss, the "softens soooooooooo nicely after going through the dryer" fuss, and the "drapes beautifully!!!" fuss. It's seriously final products like these that remind me why it is a good idea to spring for the nicer materials. Even if they take foreeeeeeeeever to knit up.

[Trying to demonstrate the difference in scale in stitch size between this and Trina. OMG I spent forever on this. While we were Skyping my boyfriend asked what I was knitting and I sent him the link, and he got this bored look on his face, like, haven't you been working on this for 3 months now?]

My only very small quibble is the wobbliness at the neckline. Think I needed to make a deeper hem. But it's OK! I'm still holding out hope that all smooths out with a couple more wears. Even if it doesn't, I looooooooooooooove this and seriously WILL be wearing it for years. Seriously. Drop by here in 2015 and see if it isn't making a regular appearance!


Ali said...

You're making me super-jealous with all of your knitting. Really, this one ranks up there with the sweater with the faboo yoke. And it's so, so versatile, classic and elegant. I expect to see it lots! :)

Sigrid said...

Yes, I can see why you love this, and the linen should only get softer. By the way, you have so many great hand-drafted skirts-- what's your secret?

jessica said...

Thanks you two!!!

Sigrid - Re: hand-drafted skirts ... I really just picked one style [A-line, some sort of pleats (I've found gathers to be too puffy to flatter my body)] and then keep recombining until even I can't take the formula any longer :-P.

Ritapizza said...

sooooo pretty! I've run out of pretty words to say about your gorgeous clothes you make! I love the sweater! and that skirt is one of my faves of your handmades! wee!

Zonnah said...

I really like this. When I saw the first picture I did not even realize it was knitted. Good job!

Lorna said...

Cripes! You are so talented! I love this knitted top.

Liz said...

This top is lovely, very elegant. Would stitching a little grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the neckline stabilise it? It might show at the front but it would probably help at the back if the drooping becomes a problem.