Thursday, May 06, 2010

MMM-L 3-6

Day 3.

Sometimes Hana [my roommate] and I like to do silly things like try to wear the same colors. Monday she walked out in purple with white, gray and black, and I attempted to follow suit. And then we got to school and realized Michelle and Alana also had the purple theme going on! [Alana's toes are purple] Holla! That is one of my favorite skirts of all time ~ not even just handmade skirts, but skirts, ever.

Day 4.

Another one of my favorite skirts of all time. And it doesn't even have to do with the fact that it took me all summer to make it. What can I say, it always, always puts me in a good mood to wear this skirt.

Day 5.

Sigrid's post reminded me that I have some me-made underwear that's still going strong after 3.5 years! So I pulled that on today, along with this altered skirt of mine [I shortened the hem]. OK, maybe that was slightly cheating, but I love the skirt a lot! And the underwear did take me forever to make; refashioned from stuff from my brother's Goodwill pile.

Day 6.

This skirt is a made-by-others find from eBay from summer 2004. I had this summer internship that was my first time ever doing a 40-hour/week desk job, and man, did I not know how to handle staring at a computer for that long or what. So I started trolling eBay. At the time I thought, "wow, patchwork skirt??? I would never make one of those ... better buy one instead!" And, um, please see days 3&4 to see how that prediction turned out. Every year I wear these knee socks with this skirt at least once. Headband is handmade, inspired by Ali.

Also made myself a quick accessory. More AMH voile love. Perfect for spring!


Trisha said...

The purple day is my favorite! You all look so cute! I also really like the Day 4 skirt-- so bright and cheerful!

Andrea @ said...

Such cute skirts!! Love them. I especially like your favorite one :)

Zonnah said...

You look adorable in all of them, but I think my favorite is day 3 :)

Aldara said...

Those skirts are all really cute! I need to sew more skirts...

Ali said...

What lovely skirts!! Tickled to see you made a mad-men headband, too. :)