Sunday, April 11, 2010

I believe they call this a "Wadder"

When I finished up finals last semester and found myself stranded in my apartment with a couple days to myself and a heck of a lot of snow outside, one of the blissful acts I committed was to pull a stack of refashion-y UFO's and "Project Stacks" from my crafting bookshelf [you know, the one where you stack fabric or patterns or notions all together, for that "someday" project]. I've already posted about two of the FO's earlier, but this third member of the trio has just draaaaaaaaged on.

Here you can see I am up to my usual tricks. Skirt. Refashion. A-line. Pleats. Wool. Multiple layers. Excessive detailing, jankiness style; witness:

Mmm hmm, that bottom green layer is the very first skirt I ever made which I realized I don't wear so I decided to refashion it too, and attached it ugly-style with some handmade bias tape leftover from a previous project. And that's tulle that I stitched on [in matching ugly-style, no less] in to make the skirt puff slightly [I've done this before, but this time I thought I'd use proper fabric for this because though I love the polka dotted matchingness of that dress, the 2 layers tend to cling together when I walk and it bugs me. In fact, I've since sworn off sewing apparel with quilting fabrics ... once I get through that stack of UFO's, that is]. Also, neither one of these ugly-style layers is attached straight, if mine eyes do not deceive.

Excessive, no?

Hey, you know what else is excessive about this?

Hello, how big does my arse appear in this skirt?* I totally threw those pleats in the wrong direction, miscalculated the way the wool would drape once pleated [it's cut on the bias, darling, but thick as heck]. And, uh, I could go and pick out the pleats and make them smaller like I did for the front. But then I'd also have to go fix the zipper which went in uuuuuuugly and which I miscalculated hence it's a major fight to get it over my hips, and ... and, gah. I'd rather dump it in the Goodwill pile.

Whatever. It's the middle of April and spring is on it's way, AND I've decided that I need to knit myself a nice wool sweater instead. Because by the time I'm done, it will be too hot to wear it. And because it's a much better use of my time than doing my taxes.

*I say this with total love and respect for the beauty of women's bodies and women's curves. I have this rather unfortunate non-butt syndrome going on, which should be pretty evident in other photos of skirts past. This unfortunate wadder just has some really strange 3D puffiness/lumpiness going on in the back, and I know myself. I know it'll bug the crap out of me and I'll never wear it, and then it'll bug me every time I stare in my crammed closet. And besides, it's not like I need another skirt.


Sigrid said...

It's pretty funny how the reality of some projects have nothing to do with the picture we had in our head when we started. Thanks for sharing!

Zonnah said...

lol you are too funny! When you make these post you always make me want to sew some clothes. Oh if only I had the time.

Ritapizza said...

poufy!! I love it! so cute! you're such a re-fashionista! you seriously inspire me with your genius!