Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A couple little things

OK, yeay, the computer is working with the Internet again. I hope they decide to stay friends, because it would make my life a lot easier.

I think I'm probably the last person to try out the whole 'circles' look ... long after it has faded away, I think, but what do I care? I've never been one up on fashion and ItThings. I finally got around to trying out a project or two in the Lotta Jansdotter book, and I have to say, there are a number of projects that I will return to in the coming months. The checkbook cover, however, was project #1.

My first time using bias binding, the results are a little bit less than stellar. And I somehow decided I wanted to improvise my own measurements instead of using hers, but it all worked out in the end. I slipped a little piece of cardboard into the front and back to make it sturdier. And I've convinced dad that he wants one. I think I'll make it out of a green plaid shirt that he was going to give to Goodwill before I convinced him to let me reuse it as something else. Hehehe, I think he'll like that.

The other book I ordered awhile ago was Sew What, which was perfect as I love skirts and as they seem the easiest clothing to make [without too much need for intense fitting]. I didn't want my first attempts at clothing to be hours of work only to have an ill-fitting garment, thereby reducing all future desire to make my own clothes to dust. Hey, I know myself, I go by positive reinforcement.

So anyways, this is thrifted corduroy I picked up last spring, a little over a yard of it. The scraps actually found their way into this bag - yeay miracles of that eternal scrap box. It took me a couple tries to realize I didn't want too much of an A line in this skirt after all, but amazingly, the zipper went in on the first try. Hand basting can be a lifesaver.

Just in time for our annual Indian Summer. If it ever decides to show up.

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