Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going Incognito

The instant I spotted this pattern on Ravelry, I laughed out loud, clapped my hands, and immediately started planning a couple gifts for some friends I'd be seeing in California ...

It's so hard to resist something like this when you have a running joke about mustaches with multiple friends. I'm telling you, the next mustache party that comes up ... watch out world!

So. It's a cowl that can be pulled up for full effect or pushed down to warm your neck, kind of like an inside joke because nobody else can tell the mustache is there. If it's hard to see where the cowl ends and my sweater begins, that's because I had 1+ balls of yarn leftover from Ingenue [photos to come! Once I get back to Boston and upload them off my camera ... these photos courtesy of dad], which was perfect for this pattern. I resized it to the thinner yarn by casting on extra stitches, which seems to have worked out just fine.

Cowl #2 I brought home less yarn for, so I just did it in Stockinette stitch the whole way up. This bright color seemed more e. twin's speed, and when I presented it to her last night she happily informed me that it would be worn all over Paris on her trip.

I actually really like it in stockinette, it seems to roll down pretty well. You could just flip the mustache to the back if you didn't want the black to show.

As you can see I tinkered with the mustache design ever so slightly for the second [bottom] cowl, making it slightly more pronounced. I don't know which one I like better, but I do know that mustaches are always good for a laugh! And who doesn't need a laugh when they're trudging through midterms?

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Zonnah said...

Too cute!