Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ishbel II

I did it!!! (*2)

I actually finished something off my list! And, I actually finally uploaded those pictures from a month ago!!!

Presenting ... my very first lacework knitting project ever ...

This is Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. I used sock yarn on size 5 needles for this, and spent a lot of time in hotel rooms and on airplanes just stitching away. Since it was my second time knitting up the pattern, I was much more adept at sensing when I had gone off the charts and missed a stitch.

I had been really wanting a nice, fall-ish scarf for awhile, and this yarn was a beautiful blend of all sorts of great fall oranges, which seemed to nicely complement the leaf pattern. The pattern comes in a size small and large, and like many Ravelers I knitted up the stockinette portion for the Large, and then did a Small number of lace repeats [wouldn't have enough yarn otherwise].

However, once I bound off and tried it on, I realized that I didn't want a scarf that was this big! Haha. I don't know, I think it overwhelms my frame or something. Which is too bad, because I'd made my mom a red one for Christmas and was hoping we could do some nice mother-daughter matching-but-not-ness ... instead, my roommate gets to match my mom, 3,000 miles apart.

Note: photos taken after I had given this to roommate and she'd worn it several times and totally rocked the look. The points definitely do become less pronounced as you wear it, but I still think it's a beautiful scarf/shawl/etc. So! More knitting adventures to come ...

PS: Yes, the semester has finished, hence the time and mental clarity for blogging has returned. It was amazing. Last night I sat down again at my sewing machine and actually finished up a project before diving into two other projects [I know! Shocking. I've really missed sewing]. One is a WIP that has languished forever now [yikes, electronic journals don't lie], the other is a quick refashion I hope to finish at home where my larger button stash resides. That's right! After having my flight cancelled Sunday due to the torrent of snow, I'm flying home tonight! Very exciting. Although I've really liked the emptiness and quiet of being in my apartment for the extra 2 days. Seeing friends, reading, writing, "growing deep" in myself in my "winter season" as my roommate would call it.

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