Thursday, October 08, 2009

99.8% Done

Speaking of trying out new looks ...

I couldn't decide if this looked Forty or OK For Twenty Six, but it felt so Fall-like that I just had to do it. If only because, well, I love persimmon-colored anything, the skirt is refashioned by me, I'm madly crushing on my new rain boots [I know, right? I love them immensely]. And the sweater? Dare we ask ... are we staring at ... Sweater #2?

Textured Circular Shrug by Stephanie Japel. I started it way back in July, and actually it's been finished for awhile, all but the blocking. I hemmed and hawed over this issue of blocking for a really long time, because I used Superwash yarn without realizing it tends to stretch out in the wash [in anticipation of being thrown in the dryer], and I was really nervous about how much it would grow. So then I didn't wear it for several weeks until finally I decided I was being stupid, so here it is in its unblocked state of glory, and I will just have to figure out the stretch issues as they come.

I have been looking for a circular sweater forever. And when I spotted this pattern on Ravelry I was immediately drawn to all the textures created by the ribbing and alternating stockinette [hm, or whatever you call it.] I love this shade of green, and the yarn is a wool/bamboo blend so it has a really beautiful sheen to it. In fact, I've had a couple friends who have warned me that it might not make its way back into my closet if we do a clothing swap ... there's no greater compliment than that, I don't think!

The one thing I would say is that this yarn may be a bit too squashy and elastic for this pattern. I thought I was building myself some negative ease due to my gauge knitting up small, but you can see that the back has stretched out already after a couple wears [hm, drying machine, here I come?] I had a terrible time deciding what size to knit, since I have a pretty broad back -- from what, I'm not really sure, all those years of badminton? Summer swimming sessions? Nice adipose storage units to make sure I don't freeze in winter [which don't work anyways]?

Other than sizing decision angst issues on my part, this knit up pretty well. The pattern is not very complicated, but just be warned that the ribbing can take ages. There isn't too much seaming since you pick up stitches all around the back and arms to knit the 'shrug' portion of it. I don't think I'd make this again due to endlessness nature of aforementioned ribbing, but I am so, so happy to have it in my wardrobe! Really. I invent outfits just so I can wear it. Another of the many beauties of handmade.

And, because my sole male reader has commented that I'm never smiling in my photos:

Alex, that one's for you. I'm sure you recognize the "Hehe ... heh ... heh ..." look.


Zonnah said...

It is very cute and you did an amazing job :)

Stephanie N. said...

I'm so impressed! And it's such a pretty color.

Antoinette said...

I am completely astounded! Knitters really are at the top of the patience pyramid for me. That is a beautiful sweater. You look very chic for 26 -- I think the rich color combo speaks younger rather than more mature. And I like the smile, too! :D

rita said...

omigooness wow! it's beauuuutiful! love love love it! you're so talented at knitting now! and you're beautiful and you have a lovely smile!

niftyyoshi said...

no... i can't be your only male reader...?

super nifty! everything you make is super nifty. yup.

Disney said...

I love it all! The sweater, the boots, and what about that skirt in the last photo?! Gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to make one like that!!