Tuesday, July 07, 2009

11th Hour Crafting: Spring Blooms Swap

For the Spring Blooms Swap I was paired with Lorna, or rather I was supposed to make her a mini quilt and have it in the mail by June 21st. Which, between finals, moving, traveling, and then getting back and starting work, didn't leave me a whole lot of time! There were a couple marathon sessions during those first evenings of work and that entire weekend, just to get this done barely over the deadline.

I've had this idea kicking around my head for awhile, and had initially intended to use some other yo yo's for flowers, but because of said move completely misplaced those yo yo's and immediately began dreaming up a lavendar, baby blue, and pale yellow color scheme instead.

For the vase, I used the wrong side of some HR fabric, an idea I first came across on Blair's blog way back when she was making her summer quilt, then backed it with that same fabric, right side up.

The blue and yellow strip of binding is a scrap from Rita, as is the blue gingham flower yo-yo. The rest was stash, including leftovers from this skirt and this WIP.

A funny note about the curtain: In the time I was madly sewing away at this, I took a break to meet a friend to dinner. I couldn't figure out which way to get the stripes to go, so as we were walking back from dinner I asked him:

Jessica: Hey John, can I ask you a question?
John: Sure.
Jessica: You know drapes? Have you ever seen any that have horizontal stripes? I mean, would that strike you as odd?
John: *silent.* I have never thought about drapes in my life.

Oh. Haha. Right.

Attempted a bit of a spiral in the handquilting. I'm still working on that!

Sadly, I have not received a mini quilt in return for this swap. Since it's only been a couple weeks, maybe they're just running late or shipping from overseas. Which I totally understand. Still, if that's not the case, this would make the second time in four swaps that I haven't received anything. I've signed up for one more swap, but I dunno, I'm getting a bit tired of investing time, energy, creativity and money in one-sided deals. I know I don't make the most awe-inspiring stuff, but still ~ maybe it's time to refocus on the making for family and friends instead, although I love how swaps challenge me in new creative directions.


Zonnah said...

I love it! The curtain is such a great idea. Wow, I am so sorry that some of your swaps did not turn out :(

Antoinette said...

That's so cute! Bummer about the swaps, though. Maybe you can continue to make these for the creative challenge and donate them to a local school for their annual fundraising auction (so many schools have them).

Stephanie N. said...

What a neat idea.

I am always so afraid of signing up for swaps because I tend to go overboard trying to make something that will make someone very happy, and I end up paired with someone who flakes and either does nothing, or does something half-assed (well, my opinion of half-assed, anyhow). I feel for you. I would be PISSED. You are amazing to have tried again after someone flaked on you once before. I'm holding out hope that your caring and thoughtfulness gets reciprocated.