Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tiptoeing into May

Yesterday was nice. It started with a real brain fart of a moment, when I was running for the M2 shuttle and as I dashed on board I realized -- oh hey, I don't have my school ID on me. Which means I don't have my wallet on me, and huh, look at that, I don't have my keys or my cell phone, either. And then I talked the driver into giving me a ride over to Cambridge anyways.

Worked on a paper, went to a wrap-up class session, came back and endured much teasing by the security guard about leaving my entire brain at home, napped, oh, glorious napping, got up and fumbled around for my cell phone charger for half an hour [after looking under the bed 3 times and under the couch even more times than that, I finally found it sitting on my sewing machine chair. Wha? You mean all that crap I've been sitting on when I sew on top of heaps of papers and such, actually contained something I might want?]

And then on the way to studying at the MFA and back again, Rachael and I saw goslings and baby ducks and there was much hand clapping and aaaaaawing and general stalking of winged specimens. Since it sounds like she'd settle for baby fowl in the bathtub in lieu of human babies [her own] for now [grad school], I think I'm going to have to find some baby duck softie patterns online this summer. I am subletting her place, after all, and I can think of no better thank you present than little goslings, popping up everywhere at unexpected moments.

Afterwards we made our way over to the movie theater [I can't believe an adult ticket is $11 now. I remember when matinees used to be $4.50!], where we met up with a bunch of people for STAR TREK!!! As a Trekkie I think I'm supposed to be moderately offended by this new rendition, but I have to say they definitely did their job of introducing the series to a whole new set of people, which is what the franchise had been in need of, anyways. And what with that time series plot twist, well, they cleverly generated both the plot for the current movie AND perfect justification for never following any of the old series for future movies. Because I'm sure there will be more to come.

And then since apparently it was Derrick's birthday, we partied it up at Landmark, by which I mean we sat around sharing strawberry cake from Sybill and chatted in a quasi competition to see how much public health dorkiness we could insert into our converations.

Oh, these cookies. They make me laugh. Awhile ago I took a plateful of chocolate chip banana bread over to my neighbor's, you remember them, and as their custom we sat and drank tea and nibbled on dried fruits and nuts and various cake-y specialities, and one that they pulled out was this pistacchio candy shown above. Apparently they'd brought it from Iran at the start of the school year and promptly proceeded to forget about them, until very recently when the box was discovered. They were still good if a little hard, so Shiva stood there whacking them with a knife handle to break them into smaller bite sized pieces, spraying powdered sugar all over the rest of us, which caused great bouts of laughter. A bit merengue-y with the lovely tint of pistacchio, I couldn't resist when they sent me home with a couple for myself. And proceeded to dust myself with powdered sugar as I whacked mine with a butter knife handle, as well.

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Antoinette said...

All in all, sounds like a lovely day! :) I also enjoyed the new Star Trek very much, which was a surprise not b/c I'm a Trekkie, but b/c I have learned to be skeptical of Star Trek movies over the past 20 years. Haha!