Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swap doll!!!

Hey, remember how I signed up for that swap a long time ago? You know, the one where you make children's toys/clothing/items for each other and I realized only after I signed up that hey, I don't have children? Right. I did decide to go ahead and gift my swap item to the little girl next door, a little memento of her year in America [her parents are visiting scholars from Iran].

Anyways, my swap gift arrived in the middle of the week! [Sorry for general laggardness in posting about it - I was sooooooo excited to receive the gift!!! Just not much time to upload photos until now]

Look!!! Look!!!

PERFECT, right??? Kerri did such a beautiful job, I was thrilled over the moon [pardon the mixed metaphors]. I loooooooooooove all the handstitched details and the choice of fabrics! Swoon! I mean, the dots, the pink and red, the red riding hood! She explains it much better here, but we have such overlapping histories that weave in and out of 3 countries and 3 families, it really has the very faintest feeling of a fairy tale, this swap itself, the coincidences, the shared bonds, the pieces of humanity that transcend national borders, time, place, culture, people.

Ack. So wonderful. All the details, everything -- perfect.

So of course, me being me I just couldn't wait, I had to pop over that. very. night. to visit my neighbors and bring them their gift. I hadn't even mentioned it to them before Wednesday night because I wanted it to be a surprise.

Look! They match!

And of course, babies exploring new items the best way they know how - with their mouths! She was playing with her all night. Ramin and Shiva [her parents] wanted me to name the doll for them, so of course I named her Kerri :-). And so - thank you Kerri! We all thank you from over here in Boston!


dana said...

What an adorable little doll! Great idea to do a swap. And I saw your little monkey on your swapper's blog and it's ADORABLE too!
Great stuff.

Rita said...

The doll Kerri made is sooooo cute! And the darling recipient loves playing with it already :) The story of the cultures that you two shared is moving and wonderful :) I'm glad you enjoyed the swap!

Celestial said...

Hey there - Thanks for the comment on my Philly Cowels. They are super fun and quick to make. And of course the Malabrigo feels amazing.

Best wishes!

And super cute doll ;)

koala brains said...

How cute! Your monkey came out great, too. I wish I could knit. I'd like to sign up for a swap one day. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Kerri said...

oh, i loved seeing the pictures. this was such a wonderful swap, and i'm sooooo happy it is being loved and will be living in my birth place of Iran someday! :)