Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inching along

Sorry for sporadic posting of late. These are busy days for sure. Even with a lighter than usual course load the semester seems to have kicked into gear, full steam ahead with little chance to catch your breath. It seems I run from meeting to class to meeting to class to work and back again, pausing every now and again, like today, to relish in my first swim in ages over at the business school, or tonight munching on grapefruit in front of 优酷 episodes of 武林外传, which remind me everything that I love about bilingualism and biculturalism, that gift of small glimpses into another way of life. Another approach to life.

I'm working on small projects here and there. Part of the problem is catching decent sunlight to photograph them all. Part of the problem is finding time to upload them from the camera. And part of the problem, I must admit, is really, really crappy photos that I'd really rather not post here. Ah well, we may have to give in on the photo standards if I want this to semi-reflect any crafty endeavors that occur in the little corners of my life, tucked away between papers and searching for my future.

Although I'm guessing that, really and truly, those answers have been in me all along, just waiting for the archaeologist within to find the proper tools to dig them out.

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