Friday, April 17, 2009

Gift for the Crazy Twin, Part II

So in addition to the apron for the Crazy Twin, I also made her some smaller presents. Awhile ago during one of our Housefly Cookout sessions, she admired some of the cloth napkins I'd brought over to wipe dishes [the first time we used up a bunch of paper towels and I felt really, really guilty about that. I've been supplier of dish wiping materials ever since].

So I thought: sure, I can make her some of those.

Making use of that blue and pink color scheme. Stitched onto linen, which I've never personally tried before but read somewhere that it's supposed to be even more absorbent than cotton. Feels really, really nice to the touch.

Then, because I have this really unhealthy obsession with matching, I made her some accessories with the yarn I used on H.H.'s bag:

Tutorial here. And then because one of anything is never enough, pins to match:

And again, because one is never enough and my ridiculous obsession with the whole matching-but-not thing, I will probably make a similar necklace for Kristie in the same yarns ... and then ... I will still have half the ball left. Must. Find. More. Cute. Patterns.

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