Friday, January 16, 2009

The next 349 days

Every year my new years resolutions differ. Three years ago I resolved simply to read more non-school books; 25 to be exact, or roughly 2/month [unanticipated wrinkle in my plan was heading to China and removing myself from practically all sources of English books, and let me just say it takes forever to read Chinese books]. Two years ago I made a hodge podge of plans to better myself through money management and improved diet, walking 500 miles, etc. Last year I decided to lighten up. And this year? This year I'm hoping alliteration keeps me moving through the new year, as I have dubbed this year of the 3 C's.

September 2005. The Great Wall.

[I know, what a cheesy photo for this theme, no?] The courage to actually pursue my innermost dreams and crazy ideas, to put myself out there - open my true self up to more people, and not live life as the type of person others expect or accept. I've taken baby steps in this direction ever since the soul-reeling experience that was Berkeley, but I want to really make this a priority in the coming months.

February 2006. The train to Harbin.

Continue to develop and celebrate my creative side. Creativity comes in many flavors and the more conscious I become of the role it plays in all aspects of my life, the more I realize just how much I value creativity. This is one of your strengths, Jessica. Don't be afraid to call on it, to invest the time in working on it.


March 2006. Shanghai.

One of my biggest problems, and I readily acknowledge this, is that I'm terribly hard on myself. Don't give myself enough credit, and whenever something is accomplished or a job done well, instead of relishing in the small moments I've already glossed it over and am mentally rushing on to the next problem that stands in my life. This is the surest way to cynicism, apathy and burnout, and so as much as I've tried to incorporate bits of stillness and appreciation of small moments into my life, this coming year I really want to celebrate the small successes. Celebrate life.

Hm. This has been a very awkward post to write. I guess it's still not easy to put myself out there.


hansenana said...

I think that what you are doing for your new years resolution is great. Keepp the three things in mind always. Also remember not to be so hard on your self. I used to be a perfetionist but I am not any more and life is that much easier on me. You will find that by not being a perfectionist that you will be doing things faster and you will have more time to do other things that you would normally spend that time looking things over and over again and dwelling on every aspect of life. I hope that you stick to your resolution. Remember to always keep the three c's in your head in anything that your life brings you.

Rita said...

Courage, Creativity, and Celebration~ You're always so poetic, I <3 you, Jessica~~~~
I pray that you find the courage you seek and recognize your creative strengths and joyfully celebrate your accomplishments always. I like that you shared your past resolutions too as a way to remember and honor the past and look forward to the future.
I wish you a happy and soul gratifying 2009~~~ Lotsa luv~~~~