Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am not the first to make these. I'm certain I won't be the last, either. But oh - how fun! Pawing through my bits and scraps, picking out buttons [although hm, I still haven't made enough of a dent to justify looking for more buttons. Although I generally don't even wait for justification to look.] But anyways, pins! Right before I left for Boston I thought I might start getting into pins and other accessories to brighten up the winter wardrobe so I picked up some pin backing thingies from Joann's. It's only taken me 4 months to get my act together.

I think these make fun little "thinking of you" gifts this season. Especially if you can go up to someone with a whole handful and say, "pick the one you like best." Because honestly, half the time I can't even anticipate what color and fabric combination my closest friends will like.

This is how I'm bribing myself to study for finals, tiny little carrots to motivate myself through the study hours. And of course, it's always a good conversation starter too, just in case the other students around me are looking to procrastinate. We can mutually enable.

My portable "kit" for making these. Happy coincidence-ally the rim of the cup doubles as one of my circle templates. And now - to study! But you know the real motivation is to finish up this set ;-). Via appropriate baiting, of course.


Rita said...

eeee! cute scrappy flowers!
good luck on finals!!

jessica said...

Thanks Rita! They're super fun to make!