Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You know, as long as I can remember, my favorite color has been blue. OK, there was that short stint when I was 5 where it was pink and then purple, but by first grade it had pretty much settled on blue, where it's sat ever since. Soothing. Pretty. Not too girly since I was never a super girly girl [in fact, I loved to run around the schoolyard chasing a soccer ball with the boys when I was younger. Caveat one: most of the boys were younger than me, more my brother's friends than my own. Caveat two: my other favorite thing to do was to take on a very big-sisterly role to my brother's female classmates. The tomboy and the nurturing side. Oh yes, and I also liked to play in the trees and pretend they were Star Trek consoles.]

And then there was that awkward middle school phase, where nothing I did was cool and consequentially, I wore pretty much nothing but white, black, gray, blue and denim, always the denim jeans/overalls [remember when those were in? Oh yes, I'm dating myself.]

And then there was China. And that was awesome. Because China is full of funky, crazy, way-too-much-embellishment, random, cute, over-the-top, bright colors and beautiful colors and great detailing and why-did-you-do-THAT-detailing. But the other thing about China is that, for whatever reason in the year I was there, they really didn't sell any blue clothing. Not even any of the cool palette, really. They like warm colors in China. So I started liking warm colors. I mean, pink and red in my wardrobe until that point? Scoff-worthy. And now?

Predominates. The blue is actually hardly even present, much to my surprise and slight dismay.

But anyways, perhaps a new color scheme is emerging. This was totally unintentional - just clothes hanging up to dry. Hm ...

... I even feel inspiration for a new sweater coming along. Of course, the sweater had to be ripped out an eleventh time [not that I'm keeping track properly, or I think the actual number would be higher], so it may take a wee bit longer to get to this new planned project. I'll just let it pile up in the mental pile of NSY's [the wishlist of UFOs - the Not Started Yets!]

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