Sunday, November 09, 2008

Conscious Clothing Week: Day 4-7

Sorry for the delay ... school is really starting to pick up again!

Day 4
Sweater: thrifted [I love the little green detailing! I think this sweater must be from Hong Kong or something because it's labeled as an XL]
Jeans: Arizona
Shoes of Awesomeness II: Keds

I mean, how perfect are these? I think my first reaction when I saw them was, "That's ridiculous!" Ridiculous ~> you couldn't find a pair of shoes that are more Jessica if you tried. I wonder if I could somehow magic patchwork onto a plain pair of Keds ... that would make me immeasurably happy. Immeasurably. I might just have to start trolling eBay for lots of Keds if that were the case. Let's not even contemplate that right now.

Day 5
Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: refashioned by me!
Boots: CK

Day 6
Sweater: thfited
Jeans: Arizona
Shoes: Shoes of Awesomeness II
Gloves: Delia's, circa 2000. Seriously, one day I am going to make good on my threat to replicate these, but fingerless, and in a different colorway.

And no, I don't own exactly one pair of jeans ... although that was two for the longest time. These don't even fit all that well, but I did the stupendously brilliant trick of threading elastic through the back waistband to make them fit better, and it feels like magic, I tell you. So I've been wearing these every chance I get to test out that the elastic magic really does hold up through multiple wearings.

Day 7
Sweater: thfited
Skirt: made by me
Boots: CK
Scarf: rescued from my mom's Goodwill pile.

Hm ... I'm noticing a trend here. 1) Apparently I wear these boots everywhere. 2) I own more thrifted sweaters than I realized. 3) I really like to pair neutrals with neutrals, apparently, or everything with neutrals [well that one I knew].

This has been a fun week. Instructive. I've definitely had fun with it, and it's motivating me to both finish up the sweater I've been knitting forever [to knit a sweater forever, it helps to rip out a sweater 10 times over, I swear], and get to more skirt refashions! Oh yes, and find some boots that will stand up to New England winters ...

Assuming I can make it through a New England winter, that is.

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