Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trading Spaces

It isn't that a great view from the window sill that doubles as my ironing board? Sort of an improvised situation, but there really isn't a ton of room to set up a full-fledged crafting corner. I am here to learn and not to craft, after all.

But as you can see, crafting is never too too far from my mind or too far out of reach. And my apartment looks out on beautiful, tall, leafy trees. I'm on the fourth floor, to give you some perspective. When exams seasons hits [and it's always hitting, let me tell you] the table gets a little messy. Sometimes I take my computer in to my bedroom and work at my desk. Often both surfaces are overrun with papers, textbooks, binders, folders, pens, highlighters and lots and lots of scratch paper [such a big fan of scratch paper, I am], not to mention the couch and my bed. It's no use, my living space just tends towards atrophy. I've never been good at fighting the principles of physics.

But I do like to make do where possible [these glasses came furnished with the apartment]. And it's really nice to have sunshine filtering in as I work, on crafting or schoolwork or other such projects.

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