Friday, October 24, 2008

Bright, Vibrant and Beautiful

Bright :: the sun on my face; the leaves on the trees; the look in my classmate's eyes as we finish our first round of exams [now, whether that's from lack of sleep, caffeine, or excitement at the prospect of a free weekend, I'm not too sure]

Vibrant :: my mood; patchwork strips waiting to be made into a gift for a friend, I adore patchwork I really do, there's something so soothing and pleasing about it ...

Beautiful :: eating your way to better health via the rainbow, and the idea that beauty and color can guide you in your food choices; homecooked meals; my parents are in town this weekend to visit!

Being back in school is such a left-brained activity, I find myself getting pulled out of sorts at times, as though I am not truly myself but a one-dimensional version of myself. It makes me feel shrewish, judgmental, obnoxiously opinionated; yet simultaneously I know that my brain is being stretched in all sorts of directions and this is good for me, I really have the opportunity to explore all sorts of different career options and meet people from all over. These past two months have encouraged more self-reflection and self-discovery than I've experienced in a long time. Yet I cannot doubt the toll it has taken. The right side of the brain and the heart, oh the heart, they yearn to find voice once again. And so this weekend is about love and creativity. Loving the small moments, loving my parents, loving a crisp walk through shady streets and beautiful architecture, loving what I have been given in this life, loving how much I have grown. Loving stillness and beauty, quiet contemplating and peaceful moments of making. Making. Making my way in this world, making for friends. Making for me.

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