Thursday, October 04, 2007

With Friends: the postcard round

A friends artsy collaboration of late, postcards!

I cleverly co-opted a couple more friends to join, paired us up in a nice big loop, and gave everybody a week to come up with a postcard to send to their assigned recipient.

I love what Alex sent me:

Erg, or rather, handed me along with my birthday present. But how cool! I love the abstract feeling to it [the boy's got mad computer skills, I tell you], the shadowing, the way the clouds roll over the sky. And! It comes with not one but THREE versions of the song, plus he included the original as well, and I love the original. I love them both, actually, but I really love the original too.

He told me the collage-work comes from an IKEA magazine. Brilliant. I never would have thought to use collage in this way. I love how we can all take the same concept and run with it to make such different results, or take the same medium and explore them in ways that are completely different. Some of the textures show through but the rest sort of blend together. And that tissue paper? Yeah.

Man, makes me feel like the postcards I sent Neha were absolutely nothing in comparison.

I have problems with keeping things simple. The one on the right uses an old popsicle box as a base. Mmm ... my mom is in love with these popsicles. My entire family, actually. And I sent her two because I messed up and wrote the original postcard [on the left] completely upside down. Well really, there is no right side up or upside down in abstract art, but in my mind, I felt like it was all topsy turvy.

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