Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jumping on the embroidery bandwagon

Have you seen some of the beautiful embroidery going around the blogosphere? Simply inspiring. So I thought I'd try a bit of free-form on my own. I seriously haven't done embroidery in about a decade, and my collection of embroidery thread, like many of my friends, is leftover from the days of friendship bracelets and summer camps.

But Jeanna and Emily were having a housewarming and invited us to bring some crafty goodness along if we pleased, and this seemed perfect ... small, colorful, unexpected. Of course, there were plenty of "What are you doing with a sleeve?" Hm ... I haven't quite broken the friends in to the idea of reusing old garmets for new purposes.

Who knows what this will come, if anything? I was thinking about silhouettes and gesture drawings. And I have to say, I think my french knots technique needs some work. Yi called it "very Chinese," the red and the green, I think.

And I think that after this weekend, I might be acquiring some of my friend's friendship-bracelet-making-remnants ...

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