Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Collaborations with friends

A couple friends and I have gotten together to do a Color Week, side by side, and see what we come up with. The photos are a little late in popping up becaues 1) I just figured out Paint, and 2) well, sometimes we just run a little late with things around here [entirely my fault and not theirs].

Monday: Blue

Tuesday: Red

I love the differences in scale, in vibrancy, in subject matter ... because these are friends I know extremely extremely well, they speak so much to me about where we are in life, how we're feeling and the latest events coming up for us. And so this project is doubly fun, because it is a way to be artistic with friends, and to feel a little bit of them coming through with each photograph I get in the mail.

left: Alex
center: Neha
right: Jessica

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