Saturday, August 25, 2007

For Isabelle

Isabelle kindly hosted my brother and I at the tail end of our little jaunt through Western/Central Europe, even clearing out of her flat to lend it to the two of us in our several wonderful days in Geneva. As I stayed in her place I couldn't help but notice all the red accents she used, so when I came home and put together a little thank you gift for her, that's what was on my mind ...

The coasters are strongly influenced by these coasters, and the print combinations are greatly inspired by Sally's beautiful patchwork creations, though not nearly as wonderful, of course. I hope they work together as a set - I can never really tell when I make things ... is this funky? Or "wow, you REALLY shouldn't have"? Perspective. Its awfully hard to find.

I lined the coasters with an extra piece of fabric instead of batting because I liked the feel of it better, and I didn't really want the effect of quilting so I just left them as-is. I hope they settle in comfortably into their new home.

Thanks Isabelle! You were such a wonderful hostess, I loved every minute of it.

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