Sunday, January 21, 2007


19: After a long week at work. The parents and brother all came to pick me up at the Union City BART station at 9:30 on Friday, after a bit of a confusion over my decision to use BART instead of Caltrains to get home that evening [I'm sorry but waiting 45 minutes for an hourlong train ride just seemed too much to stomach; even if BART was going to take just as long, at least I wasn't going to have to sit around and wait. Or so I thought. Anyways.] But seriously, it SUCKS to take public transportation home so late from work on a Friday evening. I really need to find a place closer to work. I'm exhausted and commuting means i have little time to recharge with the activities that usually calm/restore me [crafting, running, spending time with friends ... take your pick]. And yes, lots of my pictures are transportation-related, very indicative of the ways my days are structured.

20: What Has Been Lost. The recent freeze that destroyed much of the California citrus crop ... sigh, so much to say, global warming and related weather changes, the way people's livelihoods can be so intimately tied to our planet, all sorts of unintended consequences like food banks that relied on citrus donations for fresh fruit must now scramble elsewhere to serve people in need ...

On a happier note, saw some friends for Kathleen's birthday Saturday evening. Thank goodness for friends who understand when you are exhausted, just how much to include you and how much to let you simmer and slip in and out as well as you can.

21: Unintentionally Matching. Gloves from high school, hat from college, scarf finished just a couple days ago. I love how you can find new beautiful and surprising combinations just from the random heaps that get tossed down all over the place.

Also unintentionally matching, two gifts I unintentionally asked for. The purse from the ever-talented Rita ... I admired it and she offered it to me! Wow. It is so great and I really love it, and I can't believe she just up and gave it to me. I honestly didn't mean it as a hint.

The top from my aunt for Christmas. I guess I'd admired a similar top of hers a couple times, so she went and found me a similar one. Again, completely unintentional and I certainly wasn't meaning to hint at all.

I can't believe how well these go together. Its like they planned it out in advance.

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