Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's public service announcement brought to you by the Letter J

Always one for food, I love yams. The yams of my childhood, an annual Thanksgiving tradition. I remember sheets of yams cooling on the stovetop, a lovely glistening orange sitting proudly above the dull glint of tin foil. Or mom and dad working away at them and at other food, someone scoring the halved boiled flesh sitting happy in its peel, then buttering and sprinkling with brown sugar to bake at 350F.

But did you know that what we normally call 'yams' in the US are actually, for the most part, sweet potatoes? Wikipedia it. I think the parents might have laid a bet on this one.

So. Today's public service announcement in the subcategory of Health is that if you were hoping to get a dietary source of estrogen, look to pomegranates and not 'yams,' because sweet potatoes don't have the compound. Tofu isn't bad either.

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Kathleen said...

i'm craving yams :(