Friday, December 01, 2006

they came they came!

My CraftSanity buttons, that is!

A couple weeks ago I finally got around to visiting the website, which is amazing, by the way. After two podcasts, I was asbsolutely hooked and knew I wanted to buy some buttons to support the site. We're always talking about buying local, supporting the artists that you love. But what about sites like CraftSanity, which has done such a great job of bringing together so many people from diverse crafting interests, and really letting you hear their story?

And I had such a hard time choosing just two buttons. For someone with a whole lotta menu angst, I usually know pretty definitively what I do and do not like when it comes to cute/ fabrics/ apparel etc. But ... green? pink? purple? blue? white? orange? there were just too many cute choices. I love the little guy. So adorable!

Anyways, I made the little pouch thingie weeks ago, with scraps from Amy and bits from the stash, and I'd been meaning to sew on a button and figure out the buttonhole function on my sewing machine, but it had been languishing in the 'sometime later' pile. I finally wound up using it to hold elastic in the interim. But anyways, when the buttons came ... how perfect! It looks like I planned it that way! Right down to being lazy and not creating a way to keep it closed. *pats self on back.*

I think I'll use this to carry around little portable projects with me. And as Kathleen suggested, I'll probably rustle me up some velcro so that I don't have to pin/unpin each time, the button can sit there shiny and pretty and encouraging-ly [bad adverb bad! you get the idea though]. Now I just need to find something perfect for the little orange one ...

I love these podcasts because they are so inspirational, and because each person Jennifer has interviewed speaks about things that I can really relate to. I'm not exactly a normal person and I know it [yeah, and we'll skip the usual 'but what's normal?' etc. that usually follows that kindof statement]. The things that interest me are a little out of step with most other young twentysomethings in the heart of Silicon Valley. 'Mix food groups!'/'Eat a rainbow!'/'Eat with the seasons!' ... 'My wormies are pooping!' ~> worm composting ... long rambling thoughts on art and life and history and memory and the threads that weave through this planet which unite us and define us and distinguish us and that we might not even realize existed ... drawing random connections between seemingly disparate disciplines ... my crafting side ... 'By the time the bus gets here we would've already walked there!' ... my "By 30" life goals list ... most things China ...

Those are the themes that run through my life. Sometimes its just what I needed to be able to sit down and click over to CraftSanity and listen to people talk about the projects they're working on, the businesses they've started up. I admire artists most in the world [and for me, artists include writers and filmmakers and photographers and many small business people who take something creative and make a living out of it]. To have something that you love, to strike out into the world with no guarantee of success, or even of a way to put food on the table ... that is something I've never had the courage to do and so I really admire it in others.

So the podcasts have been a great reminder to myself that life doesn't have to exist at the extremes of those who dive into the arts for a living or the SuperMotherOfThree who runs a stunningly beautiful online handmade business on the side. Oh yeah, there's everything inbetween. You get to different places in life and you try something new, an opportunity is seized and new opportunities peek out over the horizon.

There are people out there who speak my language. I love my friends dearly and they're all incredibly caring and supportive of all my seeming randomness, but listening to these podcasts just adds a bit extra to my life. It keeps me going.

Thanks Jennifer for putting out CraftSanity. Keep it up!

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Jennifer said...

Wow, Jessica! Thanks for the awesome shout out. I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm. I'm having a blast producing the show and feel privileged to have listeners like you. CraftSanity my friend!