Sunday, October 22, 2006

scarving for charity

The thought of knitting or crocheting things for charity has been on my mind for awhile now, though as with most things in life, the list of things I'd love to do far outstrips what is humanly possible for me to accomplish [please keep in mind that much procrastination time has to be factored into everything. I honestly wish I didn't procrastinate so much and have been trying to remind myself daily to live with intention, value every hour and every minute of my short time on this planet ... I think I haven't quite calibrated my sense of 'this is down time' and 'this is productive time' and 'this is mindless activity time' ... anyways, just one more area in which I'd like to grow and develop]

Anyways, scarving is dangerous because when you start me on one, I'm liable to finish it RigthHereRightNow to the detriment of everything else on LifesToDoList.

Luckily, then, when I looked down at the growing mound of handmade scarves that I have waiting to be shipped off to various charities for the winter months, I decided some children's scarves were in order.

The first two came fast and furious. Once inspiration hits, it really hits hard. As Emie pointed out, sisters could wear these to absolutely adorable results. Or best friends, per Emily's suggestion. Actually, I wonder if there's enough leftover yarn to make one for me ... stop it, stop it right there, you have more than enough scarves and you know it ...

These are odd bits of yarn from other projects, mostly scarves for myself or friends or family members. I can't help it. I'm in the yarn store and I see pretty colors and before I know it a hand that I would swear is not my own is reaching out and then I am at the cash register and my wallet finds itself depleted.

Currently putting the finishing touches on a set for a pair of brothers. Sighs, and this is barely a DENT in my yarn stash. Them's the rules: no more yarn may be bought until the STASH has been significantly reduced!

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