Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday night crafting fun

Friday night the girls came over some post-work crafting fun. I love having people to craft with!

Emie showed me that I'm not alone in our blanket project. Last year random inspiration hit while in China and I sent out an email suggesting we knit or crochet squares to make a blanket for donation. Since then I hadn't heard high or low of anybody following through on this ... and neither had Emie, so we both assumed we were alone in our endeavors. But no! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Amazingly, she freehands her own patterns.

Yi has been commissioned by a friend to make 2 squares in a baby blanket ... not that she knows how to knit ... and not that she'd started before Friday, as she claimed when cornered by the instigator of all this madness. She figured somebody would be able to teach her. As Emie and I have discovered that none of my so-called-squares are actually square but are really rectangles masquerading as squares [some SERIOUS blocking is in order], it fell to her to annoint our latest convert into the fold ...

Emily has several projects going, among them a 4-year-in-the-works cross-stitched nativity scene and a Hawaiian quilt, but she, too, decided to jump on the knitting bandwagon. After some head scratching and brilliance from Emie, we figured out how 3 right handers could teach a left-hander to knit: use mirror images. Brilliant!

And finally, I leave you with a closeup of Emie's wonderful freehanding:

A butterfly, yes, a butterfly!

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Kathleen said...

arghh!!! you all have been having so much fun w/o meeeeeeeee!!

i'm jealous!