Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Archer #1 + Moss #2 = Sunny Days

Archer #1.  Refashioned from an old men's shirt.  Gosh, I love this thing.  I didn't have enough fabric for the cuffs so I made, er, a cuff "facing" and decided that bracelet length was just the thing.  I often roll up the sleeves anyways.  I always feel perfectly chic in a slightly slouchy way, every time I put this thing on.  It's a look that's hard to pull off, but in Archer, I feel like I can do it.  This look is growing on me.

Moss #2.  Mustard cotton twill, zero stretch.  With one of Tasia's labels~ I love them so!  I eased the waistband by 1" on my last Moss, and really wish I'd done so on this one as well.  It allows the waistband to hug just enough that the skirt doesn't scoot around during the day, and yet doesn't feel restrictive.  (Mark Center Back notch, mark side seams; cut waistband 1/4" shorter than pattern calls for in 4 places: along the right front, left front, right back between side and CB notch, left back between side and CB notch.  Ease in 4 places.  Super simple)

What I love even more than my Archer and my new Moss?  Wearing the two of them together.  Archer #1 goes pretty smashingly with Moss #1, but this is such a happy, sunny combination, I think it's got me won over.

And just in time.  Moss #1 was starting to look a little faded and worn (I wear it multiple times each week if I can help it).  Plus, what says "fall" like a splash of mustard?

Hope your fall sewing has been going well so far :-).


Roobeedoo said...

You're right - what a blast of sunshine that skirt is, especially with the contrast lining peeking out. I have half a plan to replace my mustard mini skirt with... a mustard not-so-mini skirt ;)

Crab and Bee said...

There's no greater sewing satisfaction than making a full outfit! Well done - I'm impressed your shirt is a refashion!