Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning Swap Meet!

So I'm taking part in the Spring Cleaning Swap Meet!  Although I'm not actually offering up any stash items ... as I only brought my "most likely to use" stash up with me to Portland (erg, yes, I do have an embarrassing amount of stuff still at my parent's place in CA, one day I will make the trip with my car and grab the rest of it.  Or maybe it should all just get donated?  And here I was, feeling smug about how I'd pared down!  The lies we tell ourselves, LOL.)
Anyhow, I'm offering up a couple handknit sweaters that I've made and loved and yet, because my life has changed, no longer really wear.  Mostly it's the sleeve length - the eternal drizzle, combined with a cold office, means that non-full length sleeves are less functional for me than they were in a warmer climate where my organization liked to keep the building toasty warm.  As a result, I've had to really prioritize which shorter-sleeved sweaters stay in rotation, and which ones that, while I still love them, would probably be happier if they found a new home :-), and hopefully, the opportunity to be worn as much as they deserve!

First up, this 50's inspired sweater.  As you can see, it's reversible - so for those of you who like a multitasking wardrobe, this is like 2 looks in 1!  *Pats self on back.*  Color on the right is pretty true to life.  Fair warning - it's slightly sheer, so a nude bra is needed, and I knit it to hit high hip on me ... which, since I'm 5'2", would probably put this in the "cropped" category for most women.  I'm not personally a fan of tucking my blouse into skirts, but I know that there are tons of fabulous indie pattern designers who make skirts like this ... and if you've got a couple of those lingering in your wardrobe, this would probably pair really nicely!

Second up, my gray Trina.  Really, I adore this sweater.  I get comments on it every time I wear it - something about that fabulous statement button, the sleeves, the silhouette.  It's the one thing I've made that my uber fashionable, Japanese (former) roommate commented on.  Sadly, due to sleeve length, I don't wear it very often!

Both are made of wool, although the blue sweater is a blend with silk and nylon and maybe something else.  For reference, I am 5'2", 36" bust, 29" waist, high hip measurement ~33".  I am happy to ship worldwide, but if the shipping winds up being more than $15, I might ask you to chip in a little bit to help me out :-).

So!  If you're interested in either, just drop me a comment between now and Monday April 7 to let me know, specifying which you'd like!  I might slip an extra goodie or two into the mix for you :-).  If more than 1 person is interested, I'll do a random drawing - and if you're really crazy about either, feel free to leave comments on other blog posts around here and I will give you bonus points (hehehe, this is an ego boost for me, I can be honest with myself + you!).


Minnado said...

Hello Jessica,
I love the Trina cardigan. So can you consider me for it? I think the sweater wouldn't suit me. Now, you have me thinking of joining in this Spring Cleaning Swap Meet too! xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely sweaters! But I probably wouldn't wear them because I tend to be cold all the time and prefer long sleeves. :-( Hope you find good home(s) for them.

Alessa said...

I really like the blue sweater!
I'm a couple of inches bigger than you all around (including height, Google claims I'm 5' 4 9/16" ;)), do you think it might still fit me? I tend to wear my sweaters pretty closely fitted. I think it would fit well into my work wardrobe, with a short-sleeved blouse worn underneath...

Zoe said...

Well done for being self-less and parting with your gorgeous garments when you know they'll see more use in someone else's wardrobe! Hope you are enjoying your new home town xxx