Saturday, August 11, 2012

New and new

So, next month I will be moving and starting a new job.  This past week has been a flurry of announcements, trying to wrap things up, and working with my team to figure out a transition plan.  I am incredibly sad as I always am when I leave a place behind -- it's my way of letting go, this sadness.  Even if I know what is coming next will be great and exciting, first there is the sadness.

When I get home at night, all I want to do is knit.  Or, as has been the case in the past 2 weeks, crochet.  I find myself burrowing into crafting both as a respite from the world around me - my one truly peaceful place to go - but also as a means to make, make, make as I have not yearned to make for months now.  I've noticed that whenever I am in transition in life, I begin desiring new things.  Clothing, accessories, home decor, shoes, fabric and yarn, wall decorations.  I rummage through folders of photographs to identify candidates for printing and framing or taping up on walls.  I start quilts, I finish quilts.  I troll eBay and Etsy.  There are indulgence purchases that really take it one step beyond indulgence and into unnecessary.  Or "unnecessary" as is defined in my life as present, as I find that word a moving target as I go through life.

I used to think that the uncertainty of transition or limbo caused me to focus on the more superficial aspects of life - as though, hey, I can control what I wear, oh lookie, sparkly distractions!  While there is something to that, I also think that the materials possessions we surround ourselves with are a reflection, to a certain extent, of our inner world.  And when we change, it can be nice to invest energy in external manifestations of that change.  Especially if we are makers and DIYers, these external manifestations of change carry a whole additional level of symbolism and meaning.  Not to mention the soothing rhythms and joy of creativity and working with our hands.


Sigrid said...

Congratulations on the new job. I'm in a bit of transition myself right now and have just been doing pretty simple sewing and some crochet. I have to say, that there is nothing as soothing as crochet. That lacey pattern looks so delicate--what's the yarn?

Roobeedoo said...

Good luck with all those changes! Maybe its like a kind of nesting instinct - feathering your new nest!

Becky said...

The blue crochet looks really cool, whatever it is!

Hope all of the changes go well. It could be a calming effect, too-- I know that for me, making things generally reduces stress and I feel worse when I don't sew for awhile.

jessica said...

Thanks for all the well wishes and comments!

Sgrid - the yarn is Handwerks Classic Lace, 875 yd/100g (8-10 stitch/inch) if that gives you a sense. It's the Alpine Frost Scarf pattern. Hope your transitions leave you in a good place --- it's so amazing how soothing simple craft projects can feel in times like this!

Roo - I totally agree, I think there's a strong nesting instinct there!

Becky - You're so right, there's something about the calming aspect of it, too, that really helps. I do get sudden cravings sometimes for crafting that are the result of not doing it enough as of late.