Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blouse #8 :: Dijon

Finally have time to post about my little WIP that I flahsed up a couple weeks ago!  Apologies for the delay, I made an unexpected trip home to my parent's last weekend which threw off my schedule.

This is Simplicity 2798 (for the 3rd time now, 2nd time as a blouse), made up in Liberty's Betsy print and a mustard Kaffe shot cotton self-made flat piping at the yoke and sleeves.  Or rather, Dijon tinted piping.  Naming FO's amuses me to no end.

I think I've pretty much got the fit down.  Cut an 8 in front and a 10 in back as I have a broad back.  There's enough room to wiggle around and move my arms, but it's still pleasingly non-sack like.  I think princess seams may be my favorite for getting a smooth fit.

The sleeve.  I flat piped and self-bias tape bound the bottoms, as before.

Little button tab closure.  This print is so busy you can barely make it out.  I'm sure I could've swooped out and found a better button for this, but truly, I had already sprung for the fabric, I just hunted through my stash and this was the best I could come up with.  I'm satisfied.

This little blouse pairs pretty well with jeans.  At first I thought it was a combination of too prissy and too juvenile - I think the print plus sleeves are too much together - but if I pair it with my least feminine bottoms (like jeans or black slacks) it seems to work pretty well.  Which is a shame, considering the skirts I'd had in mind to wear with this.  I could've taken off the sleeves, but I hate wearing sleeveless garments under cardigans in winter, and I can't tell if I halved its wearability by keeping them, or doubled it.  Time will tell. 

Oh hey!  I can always just remove the sleeves ... (starts getting a scheming, shifty-eyed look) ... and attach them plus a matching collar to a shift dress to create a faux "I'm wearing a blouse under a shift dress" look.  Though I should probably NOT make a peter pan collar then, no?  If I am trying to tone down the prissy, juvenile look.  Another transmogrification in the works?  Don't worry, I'm wearing it as is for now.  Transmogrifications often take me months if not years to pull off ... still ... *scheming, shifty eyed* ...


Minnado said...

Sucj a pretty blouse, I love the piping detail. The shift dress with faux collar, sleeves intrigies me - go on- please make it!

Roobeedoo said...

Ah... now... you see... I think this is really lovely and why would you want to take the sleeves off when they are so cute? What you really want to do is use this as the inspiration for an entirely separate dress with the sleeves and a P Pan collar - maybe a plain chambray dress with patterned collar and sleeves? Dijon piping, eh? I need me some of that ;)

Sigrid said...

I love the sleeves and piping detail. Somehow, this doesn't read too sweet. I adore it!

Alessa said...

I really like the busy flower print - and interesting how the piping grounds the print somehow. :)
Your names for FOs make me smile every time. :)

Donna said...

I followed you here from the Colette blog's most recent post. That's a really good idea about using one size larger for a broad back. I never thought of that before, but I'm going to try it on my next project (well, that's not already cut out). Thanks!

P.S. I love the piping too! It really makes the yoke pop.

Sewing Princess said...

Love your blouse! it really looks great on you...and piping is excellent