Saturday, June 09, 2012

MMM roundup

There has been lots of talk about lessons of MMM and what photographing a month's worth of outfits can tell you about your personal style.  I did not faithfully photograph each day of the month, but scanning through I see much evidence that my personal style can be summed up as follows:

*Bright + bright
*Neutrals + neutrals
*Pattern + pattern

Confused?  Let me illustrate:

(Handmade skirt)

Why only wear one bright ass skirt when you can also pair it with bright flats?  (bright + bright)
Why wear one neutral when you could wear several?  (neutral + neutral)
Why only have vertical stripes ... why not horizontal ones, too?  (pattern + pattern)
In short, I am a fan of more, more, more.  But, generally speaking, only in these 3 categories.

(Refashioned cardigan)

I try to show some restraint when it comes to work.  Bright shoes with a bright cardigan?  Passable.  (If I was still a student or working in one of my old jobs, likely that would have been bright cardigan + bright skirt + bright shoes + bright brooch.)  Black and white bias-cut button down gingham with black?  Hits neutrals and patterns at the same time.

(Refashioned dress)

One way that I have found to keep pattern clashing from veering too far into Visual Whoa territory is to pair classic patterns together.  Here, stripes and plaid.  Plus, red, blue and white is a classic combination. 

(Handmade sweater and skirt)

Sometimes, in a futlie attempt at subtlety, I will only attack 1 out of the 3.  On this day, I kept it to bright + bright (+ bright).

(Handmade sweater)

I do like how bright shoes can add more color to an outfit.  Makes the bright + bright philosophy less overwhelming but still fun.

(Handmade sweater)

Sometimes the bright + bright is subtle.  This outfit is dominated by neutrals working together, but it's all about the mustard flats and the way they pick up the yellow in the scarf.  My coworker said she thought I looked European in this; must have been the scarf, which is a vintage French one!

(Handmade skirt)

Occasionally I do tone things down quite a bit and compose an outfit of neutrals.  But even then I like to mix my neutrals to keep things interesting.  And I couldn't resist some pattern mixing, too.  It's hard to see, but this thrifted blouse has this great 70's-colorway-meets-Scandinavian-print aesthetic going.  A couple interesting printed blouses go a long ways in the office.

(Handmade tank)

You may have noticed that I rarely wear denim, but it's my "staple" for those closet orphans I've made through the years.  I keep forgetting how much I love this tank, probably because it's never warm enough here to wear it.

(Refashioned dress)

And, when all else fails, I just grab this gray blazer and toss it over whatever latest handmade to come off the sewing table, for those garments I'm too excited to wear but harbor secret doubts over their passability in the office.  Gray, conservative thrifted blazer --- perhaps you are my wardrobe essential #7!


Minnado said...

Lovely outfits, Jessica - I like your "add more" style! The bright shoes look great.
You know I what I noticed? It's a bit obvious but you don't wear trousers! Just idly curious, is that a deliberate no trousers to work rule , coincidence, or just what you do? (As I am british I cannot write you don't wear pants without giggling)x

Alessa said...

Lovely outfits! I like your pairing bright with bright, and those mustard flats are really lovely. :) I think I like the green sweater, floral skirt and mustard flats outfit best, green looks so pretty on you! :)

Ali said...

I love how you always have color and print in your outfits! I could learn from you :) Hope you're well lady!

jessica said...

Debbie - your comment made me laugh! It's true I rarely wear pants/trousers into work, well, "rarely" meaning an average of once/week, probably. I have 2 pairs of work trousers (and one is a bit too long for me); usually what happens is I get too tired/lazy to think up something interesting so I'll grab a blouse (sweater in wiwnter) and wear them with the black pants (and some bright flats) and just call it an outfit. Some weeks I do this 2-3 days and then I'll go a stretch of weeks without doing it at all. I personally find skirts more comfortable (and fun), so it's personal preference more than anything!

Sigrid said...

I love your rules. I remember in the 80s we were supposed to get dressed and then remove one element. I think this is much more interesting and also I think I need yellow shoes!