Thursday, March 03, 2011

MMM'11 Days 1-3

March is here - let the festivities begin!

Day 1:

I feel like this was a bit of a "in like a lamb ... out like a lion?" way to start MMM'11, as the only handmade item I donned was the cowl. Had a meeting at work and scheduled myself for a morning run, so I didn't want anything too complicated while hustling out the door. It's such a dark outfit that I added some bright blue accessories to lighten it up (featured left). (Ali, this is my most versatile sweater!)

Day 2:

Handmade skirt, blouse and cardigan. Score! Wore the same brooch as Day 1, and added in a matching one I found on Etsy for some extra bling. It would appear that I make/wear lots of dark, neutral clothing.

Day 3.

Pardon the bare footedness, I have a pair of black flats at work that I donned later (I usually walk to/from work in Merrell sneakers. I know it looks lame, especially when I'm wearing skirts or dresses and patterned tights or have on some conspicuously officey garb, but I have finnicky feet and would rather they be comfortable than give in to the whims of fashion).

Handmade blouse, handmade/refashioned sweater. Those slacks, I thrifted, shortened, and skimmed 3" of width out of each pant leg (they're still quite flared, but no longer bell bottom-y).

The blouse is semi-fitted, which you'll know if you're ever made Simplicity 3835, so I pinned it in the back so that it would fit better under the cardigan. I like the way these two necklines work together - the gathering that has a slight boatneck shape, topped with the deep v-neck - each flattering on their own, but visually interesting when paired together.

I've always thought this was one of the more interesting and flattering cardigans that I'd refashioned - possibly because it follows the "X-shape" principles outlined here, although of course I didn't discover that blog post until much later. I guess the wide scoop v-neck that cinches in at the natural waist, the two contrasting buttons that hit at the narrowest part of the waist, the "X" lines highlighted by the contrasting bias tape, were all happy coincidences towards creating a flattering garment! Something to keep in mind ...


Tasia said...

I like your refashioned sweater on Day 3! You're right, the cut is very flattering on you.

Violet said...

I really like the refashioned sweater too.

Ali said...

Love those shoes! :) I bet you have so many lovely sweater and refashions to get through the month, looking forward to following you.

Laziness in the photo department has already set in. I need to set up a tripod and timer so I have no excuses. Lovely thrifting -- we must do it again! And I want to see what you do with that collared blouse! I think I'm going to make a wide skirt from a 60s pattern with the fabric I got AND I'm still pulling my hair out over neutrals. Ugh, obsessive behavior.

Minnado said...

I too love those shoes. I like the day three outfit, 3835 you know I like the pattern.

Zonnah said...

I love them all :)