Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Red Sweaters

Knowing that I had not one, but two selfish knitted FO's to show you guys, I probably shouldn't have been so quick to whine and moan about making a sweater for my mom. Ah, but we do love a good grouse now and again, don't we? Plus - then you guys can give me flack if I don't get around to my dad's sweater/vest anytime soon! Collective guilt, I look forward to it.

I admit that I was 92% done with mom's sweater when I couldn't stand it anymore and cast on something for myself. It felt so deliciously wrong. It also felt so deliciously wrong that one could possibly knit a sweater on size 10 needles and create a fabric that was so beautiful. And I totally got my comeuppance for it, because I could tell from the way that my mom was eyeing this tomatoey orangey combination that she was scheming plans for a second sweater to be made, one that strands a Knit Picks heathered with a Kidsilk Haze. Not this exact combination, she says its too bright for her. But oh, we have plans! (I'm such a softie. I love my mom so much, I can't help but get excited for her about the sweater I'm going to sweatshop myself through for her. Besides, she's about the best yarn enabler I've ever met.)

Inroducing Fiber #27 :: Orange Marmalade

This is the free Francis Revisited pattern, knit up stranding together a worsted weight wool yarn with a fingering weight mohair/silk blend. I'd read on a couple blogs that the combination prevents pilling and produces a fabric with a pretty sheen and beautifully textured color, and have been itching to try it out. My very first sweater ever was knit up with Wool of the Andes, and while I loooooooooove their color selection and supreme affordability, that sweater has pilled greatly and faded a bit with time. I do recommend this combination - it is everything those other bloggers promised, plus supremely soft and fuzzy and cuddly. This may have displaced the First Sweater as my go to slouching around the house, comfy sweater, and it's super warm to boot. I just have to remind myself that Knit Picks stretches out like crazy, so knit with 3" or so of negative ease. (If you're curious, I used Firecracker Heather/Wool of the Andes and Marmalade/Kidsilk Haze)

A little shot to try to demonstrate the awesome coloring effect going on.

Anyways! Finally dragged my arse in to work today (and wore this sweater). Turns out that everybody is always sick when they first start working here. Hm. On balance, I think I'd rather be well, even if it means less knitting and Chinese soaps, then go through what I just went through ...


Sigrid said...

What a great basic sweater. I knit a sweater with a rather coarse worsted and a strand of kidsilk haze a while back and get so much wear out of it. The combo is amazing. This color is perfect.

Ali said...

welcome to better health! great sweater, gorgeous color on you, and you rock the cowl. i always find them elegant, but can't quite pull them off :)

Sølvi said...

Love the color! Congrats on a great sweater. And to that you are feeling better. (Ooo- I rhymed)

I think that it´s totally okay with some selfish knitting to balance off the fantastic effort of making a whole sweater for your mother. Totally! :-)

Minnado said...

I love the colour of the sweater, it's gorgeous. Glad you are feeling better.

poet said...

Cool sweater, awesome color. I recently unraveled an old sweater and now I'm crocheting it into a big chunky scarf, unfortunately I cannot knit!


Zonnah said...

Oh! I love it and it looks soooo comfy :)