Friday, August 06, 2010


Not much sewing going on here. Writing, though, and plenty of half-finished projects. I have this strange 'cannot start something new until you finish the old' mantra going, which means that everything just LINGERS in various stages of incompleteness, and I am slowly paralyzed by the incompleteness of it all. So, brief paragraphs instead.

In Boston, they say that if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. Yesterday I stepped out of my apartment to grab some ice cream from the supermarket just a three minute walk from my apartment. After perusing the cold foods aisle before reaching for a standby – Dave Mathew’s Band’s Magic Brownies by Ben and Jerry’s, gotta support local food! – I turned around to find the city held hostage to sheets of rain so heavy they reminded me of typhoon season in Taiwan.

A group collected at the front of the store, staring through the twin glass doors at the torrential downpour pounding the asphalt. A pair of high school students clutched a fresh vegetable platter and hovered nervously behind me. “Should we call her?” they asked one another, referring to their boss idling in a car somewhere amidst the curtains of rain. “Hang on, I think she just pulled up.” They ducked out into the rain, but they were the only ones. The rest of us, even the ones with umbrellas, preferred to wait it out. A woman reached in front of me for a plastic fork and began digging in to the fresh fruit cup she had just purchased. By the time I returned home, the humidity had bathed my ice cream in a thin layer of soupy mush, the core still frozen solid.


Zonnah said...

Sounds like our area as well.

Andrea said...

I found your blog through Light and Macaroni. Heather took up your tag from mid-June and I did it too. I gave a lot of quick dinner ideas, hope you like some of them. I live outside of Boston. We didn't get any rain recently. We came back from a trip to Acadia (lots of biking) and many of my plants are nearly dead.