Sunday, May 16, 2010

MMM-L 12, 13, 15, 16

Day 12.

Handmade hat and belt, thrifted dress, Tar-jay tee, boots of awesomeness, gifted brooch = hair tie. This is probably my favorite ensemble from all fall/winter, so I repeated it in a bout of can't-think-of-what-to-wear-ness. Although before when I wore this I had longer hair so I fastened the flowered hair tie to one of my pigtails for a "very 个性 look," according to my brother [translates as: a lot of character or personality].

Day 13.

Handmade cardigan, thrifted skirt, Tar-jay tee, favorite striped knee socks.

Day 14 was what my ex-boyfriend would call an "epic fail." Around 5PM on Thursday, I changed into jeans and a sweatshirt to head out for a quick walk to clear my head. Then I sat down and started working on my business plan [last assignment of grad school!] and panicked as I realized how much I still had left to do. At 2AM, my butt sore and swollen, I crawled into bed, still fully clothed. I woke up a couple hours later, went straight to the computer to begin editing, somehow managed to shovel food in my mouth and ran straight out the door and was, fittingly, still late to class. Still wearing the clothes I had slept in. Ugh. Can I just say that I have worn a sweatshirt to school exactly twice in my entire graduate school career, and one of those days just HAD to be during Me Made May, and just HAD to be the very LAST day of school. Epic fail, indeed.

Day 15.

Handmade skirt. Saturday was a typical Boston 73 -- which means that with the wind chill, it felt more like 63 degrees. I froze. I am not sold on this skirt. Hana mentioned she liked it so I might unpick the waist seam and cut down the elastic to fit her [if she likes it enough to want it], or else I am going to repurpose this into something else.

Day 16.

Handmade scarf, belt, and handmade/refashioned skirt. Tar-jay blouse. I rarely tuck my shirt into my skirts, but after seeing other MMM'ers use the tucked in blouse/belt combo to great effect, I thought I'd try it out with this outfit [also, this is actually more of a fitted A-line tunic-esque top so it looked kinda strange not tucked in]. And you know what? I think I could be selectively sold on it. It worked great for chasing after frisbees, for example. Or scarfing down copious amounts of this cake [substitute yogurt for buttermilk, take out a bit of the sugar, and toss in strawberries instead. One of my favorite cake recipes, super easy, I highly recommend!]

Or lying in the grass. Happy Sunday to you!


Zonnah said...

My fav is day 13! That last picture is very cute.

Ali said...

I love your skirts! And I hear you on the whole school debacle (I'm probably going to have one of these days this week if I don't stop screwing around, yikes!)

I don't usually tuck either, but I'm slowly becoming a fan. Congrats on school!

Tasia said...

Love your Day 13 cardigan! Super cute. And I'm a recent convert to tucking my tops into skirts, too. My Me-Made evidence tells me it works for my body type. Your last outfit looks great with the tucked-in-blouse!

Ritapizza said...

Yay! happy days with lovely outfits and good times with friends! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Stephanie N. said...

I LOVE the outfit with the cardigan you made, and the thrifted skirt, and the stripey socks. There's something so classic, chic, hip, and cute about it, all at the same time. And it really flatters your figure, too!